Replacing the Refrigerant in Their HVAC System

It is said that every perfect thing always comes to an end. An HVAC system also has a lifetime, which it has to go through; this depends on how often it has been used. You need to know what to look for when you suspect that your system is malfunctioning. When an HVAC starts to fail, most of the time is caused by an issue with the refrigerant. Most of these issues can be solved by the homeowner, while other issues may need professional help.

How To know If Your HVAC Has Refrigerant Problems

The HVAC’s cooling power weakens, and the system does not cool your home as it used to when it was new. This loss of cooling power is mainly attributed to the depletion levels of the refrigerant. The refrigerant’s liquid is responsible for the cooling of your home by absorbing the heat in your home and dispersing it outside the house.

When you hear a hissing sound coming out of the indoor unit, this shows the refrigerant’s leakage. Holes and cracks on the coils mostly cause the leakage. If the noise comes out as a gurgling sound, it shows that the coils’ hole is big.

When you see that the oils are frozen and ice develops on them, this indicates that the refrigerant levels in the are very low. This frozen water may start to melt later on and drip in the house. Another way to detect if the air conditioning system has refrigerant problems is if your electricity bill suddenly rises. This sudden rise in the electricity bill shows that the HVAC performs at higher levels to cool the home.

Replacing The Refrigerant In The HVAC

Having the best refrigerant is essential because it is the most important part of the system. However, getting the perfect refrigerant has become a problem with the production of the R-22 coming to an end by the end of the year 2020. The plans to stop the manufacturing of the R-22 has made Bluon Replacement R-22 very expensive. This high cost is associated with vendors hiking the refrigerant’s prices, and technicians hoarding the product to get higher profits.

Some of the technicians and suppliers are hiking the prices to force the homeowners to change to the better option. As a homeowner, you need to ensure that you know what refrigerant you can use and how best it can operate in your HVAC system. To get the best refrigerant, you have to check if you have covered all the basics to get the best refrigerant. All the steps you take are meant to protect you and your investment.

What Is New On The Market?

When the stock runs out of the current refrigerant, due to a stoppage in production, any new alternative refrigerant price will hike. To get out of paying high prices for a refrigerant, you should purchase a refrigerant as early as possible and keep it to use when your HVAC fails. To get this information, you need to find out what new refrigerant you will find available in the market and how easy it will be to get them.

What Is The Global Regulation For Refrigerant Use?

The Montreal Protocol controls the availability of the refrigerants that are in the market. The treaty is made to protect the ozone layer by reducing and removing substances responsible for the depletion of the ozone layer. As a homeowner, when you want to replace your refrigerant, you need to ensure that the one you want to use is allowed by the treaty.

Most refrigerants that have a high ODP are known as CFCs and have been phased out worldwide. The second category of the refrigerants that have a lower impact on the Ozone layer and are known as HCFCs are currently being phased out. When you replace your refrigerant with a much more eco-friendly one, you help reduce the carbon print in the globe.

Replacement Costs

When you plan the Bluon Replacement R-22, you need to ensure that you do not incur extra costs. The refrigerant’s replacement should be pocket-friendly, which is why you have to ensure that you know the prices of the allowed refrigerants that are Eco-friendly and that can be used in the market. Another point to note that will reduce your overall cost is to service your HVAC before you change the refrigerant.

Servicing the unit reduces the risk of putting in a new refrigerant in a unit that is leaking. The leakage will make you incur extra costs by having to refill it again. The best part is you need to understand that when you replace the refrigerant, it is compatible with the equipment you already have, and you need not need another one..

Reduction In Overall Electricity Costs

As a homeowner, one of the types of equipment that may run 247 on electricity is the HVAC. When you have the perfect refrigerant in the system, the system’s operating costs are cut by up to 25%. This reduction in electricity consumption directly translates to the overall savings that you will have. As it is said, no savings is too little.

DIY Versus Using A Contractor

When you decide to replace the refrigerant in your HVAC, you need to know that you have options that include a contractor or DIY.


When you choose to do it yourself, you need to understand how the HVAC system works. The reason to know how the system works is to enable you not to damage other components of the HVAC. It would be best if you had a plan on how you will go through the process, and have a step by step solution for every issue you may encounter. You need to know how you will purchase the refrigerant and what tools you need to put the refrigerant in.

Choosing A Contractor

If you decide to use a contractor to replace the refrigerant, you need to make sure that you get the best deal that you can get. When selecting a contractor, make sure that you have researched the available contractors. When you have your research, ensure that you have asked for advice from people who have already replaced their refrigerant on the best contractor you can use.

Another option that you may opt to use to get the best contractor is, physically visit the HVAC service provider facilities and check how good they are. You can also go online to check if any of the contractors on your shortlist have any sorts of negative reviews from their previous clients.

When you get the various contractors’ information, it is paramount to ask them to give you a free estimate. These free estimates will help you when selecting the cheapest contractor that you can use.

Final Thoughts

There are advantages that come with replacing the refrigerant. These advantages are both long term and short term. Here is the summary of them;

  1. When you are replacing your refrigerant, ensure that you are within your usual maintenance budget; when your budget remains the same, you will not feel any pinch during the transition.
  2. The replacement of the refrigerant will not affect the cooling levels of the HVAC system. These cooling levels mean that you do not have to worry about the performance.
  3. The refrigerant’s replacement will help you lower your overall power consumption, hence saving you money.
  4. After 18-36 months, you find that you have a good ROI.
  5. The installation of the new refrigerant is cost-effective.