Reasons Why You Should Choose a Murphy Bed

If “murphy bed” rings a bell to you, probably the circumstances have also led you to it. But the question is, is it really the right solution you need? Read on the article to know the answer…

What is a Murphy Bed?

Invented in 1894 by William Murphy, a murphy bed has become a space-saving bed people with limited spaces at home rely on. The mechanism which is patented makes use of spring, allowing the user to easily take it out with one hand. The bed likewise features a support leg that automatically extends and retracts so the user will not encounter any difficulty in taking it out and putting it back into the wall. 

Nowadays, there is already a plethora of murphy bed manufacturers in the market and each of them brags of their unique offerings. For instance, there are beds with vertically attached mattresses that are supported by a reliable frame system or a Bunkie board which all seek to offer additional support and comfort for the mattress. But murphy beds in general vary in type depending on how its doors open. Most doors open outward but there are other variants that offer a slide-in-and-out door mechanism which can offer extra space for shelving. Depending on your location, you might be able to come across types of murphy beds that come with bi-fold doors hinging and overlapping to the side. There are also murphy beds that provide hide-away bi-fold pocket doors which are designed to collapse into the side cabinets of the beds. In terms of murphy bed concepts, there are a lot you can find. The only thing that can limit your choices is your murphy bed supplier. As such is a costly investment, it pays to find a murphy bed company you can truly trust and depend your bed needs on. 

Reasons Why You Should Choose a Murphy Bed

Although murphy beds have been ever since marketed to be a space-saving bed for those who have small space at home, i.e. in apartments or condominiums, there are also families with enough house areas who do not want to give up their spare rooms who see them as the ultimate solution to their problems. So, if you are here and you are still thinking twice, reasons below should convince you why it is okay to push through with your plan:

It maximizes your space. If you are having a limited space at home, it is definitely great to go with a murphy bed for your guests, or even for you. With it, you can be sure that everyone will have a peaceful and comfortable sleep at night and when the sun rises, the space can be used for other purposes, i.e. a play room, a living room, etc. No space will be lost with murphy beds. It’s a win-win solution. 

With a murphy bed, you’ll get to have an additional storage at home; thanks to manufacturers who offer customized designs that have integrated storage designed to store all the items of the guests who will be using your murphy bed. 

The murphy bed concept may sound complex but manufacturers have made sure that the mechanisms used will ensure every murphy bed’s ease of use and convenience. It makes use of an innovative spring system that will facilitate smooth and easy opening and closing of the bed, it’ll just be a slide away. 

Murphy beds are as comfortable as regular beds but they are space-saving! It will guarantee your satisfaction especially if you invest in a murphy bed that already comes with a high quality mattress. Whoever will be laying on it will surely feel comfortable anyhow and the experience can even surpass that on a rolling cot, a pull-out sofa bed, or an air mattress. 

Murphy beds are aesthetically winning and they can go well with your decors at home. A lot of murphy bed manufacturers are up for customization. These designers are skilled enough to come up with a unit that will go perfectly well with their client’s home décor. You can rely on their expertise at the job. Regardless, if the bed is open or closed, your designer can help ensure that the folding-up process will be beautiful and smooth without compromising the bed’s quality and functionality. 

Murphy beds are highly customizable. It can be challenging to find a murphy bed supplier that is truly worth the trust but as soon as you are able to find one, that supplier will make sure that all your needs will be catered. Relying on experts will nonetheless increase this chance of meeting your needs. Here are the varieties and styles you can choose from:

Sizes: single, double, or queen-sized;

Can come as a stand-alone wall bed or as a part of a larger cabinet unit

There can be open and closed storage options that will help put shelves and storage areas into the right places

Different lightings that will help accentuate the fixture 

Different wood finishes 

A murphy bed increases the value of your home should you plan to sell it in the future. It may have costed you quite a huge amount but it sure can appreciate your home’s value if you plant to put it for rent or for sale in the future. Potential occupants will most likely dig the idea of having a room that is multipurpose. 

With it, there will be more space to use and more room to roam. Having a small-spaced studio or house is no longer a problem if you invest in a murphy bed. You can continue with your home workout or yoga; just fold it up into the wall and you will be good to go. 

If you are up to use your little space at home highly efficiently without having to spend for an extra room, a murphy bed is a solution truly worth considering. The best suppliers partner with expert designers to make sure your murphy bed will best deliver your needs.