Reasons Why You Should Always Keep Your Roof in Good Shape

The roof is one of the most important parts of your home. This makes the fact that it is also the most overlooked part of the entire house even more insane. The roof plays many important roles in keeping your home safe such as protection from the rain, ventilating it, and keeping the temperature from spiking. Here are some of the most compelling reasons why you should always keep your roof in mint shape.

It Protects You from the Weather

One of the most important reasons why your roof should always be in good shape is because it’s the first one to get hit with bad weather. If your roof happens to be in bad shape, it can expose your home to considerable weather damage. When the roof maintenance is kept at a high level, it will more efficiently protect your home from the harsh weather and elements. In addition to this, not having a secure roof can lead the rainwater to leak into your home’s inner structure. As we’ll discuss later on, this can lead to additional problems which are very complicated to solve.

It’s Energy-efficient

People that haven’t had the chance to get some construction knowledge under their belt think that the only purpose the roof has is to protect the house from potential bad weather and rain. This is very far from the truth because the roof serves many more purposes. One of the most important ones is that it plays a big role in insulating your home (it covers a quarter of it after all), and it also maintains proper ventilation, keeping your home’s indoor temperature steady. All of these roles that a single roof plays help keep your home more comfortable, and most importantly, keep the costs of high energy usage at a reasonable level.

Saves Money in the Long Run

In addition to helping you cut back on energy costs by insulating and ventilating your home, the roof protects you from some additional costs that can occur in the long run if it’s not properly maintained. As the experts from Ribbon Roofing Company in Morgan, PA, suggest, by taking the time to keep your roof healthy, you decrease the chances of potentially serious issues in the long run. Regular roof maintenance will also help you spot smaller damages that can easily be fixed, that would otherwise grow into bigger damages, which not only cost a lot to fix but hurt your home’s structure even more.


Among other serious problems an ill-kept roof can cause, aesthetics might not be considered as a big issue. However, many neighborhoods around the world have a strict policy about how the houses that are a part of it should look. This may lead to some unexpected fees. The bigger issue with a roof that’s uneasy to look at is that it will be much harder to sell if you ever decide to. A ruined rooftop will not only inherently decrease the price of your house, but it will also make potential buyers quickly find a new home to focus on, leaving you with bad chances of ever selling it.

Possible Health Problems

We’ve talked about how a leaky roof is inefficient in protecting your home from the elements. All of this water that gets in your house will cause the moisture level in your walls to rise, which can cause pretty serious health concerns. As it’s well established, if there is moisture in your walls, almost one hundred percent of the time, you will get mold along with it. The reason why this happens is the microorganisms that makeup mold needs water to thrive. After the mold and mildew have spread, your home will need thorough decontamination because these organisms can produce harmful chemicals that can damage your pulmonary system.

Value of the Estate

Many seasoned real estate agents know better than to take on selling a house whose roof is not in mint shape. There are many reasons why homes with bad roofs have a significantly lower price than their usual counterparts. The first reason is, of course, that serious roof fixes cost serious money, which new buyers aren’t always ready to invest as they’ll look for efficient homes to move in right away. The second one is because of before mentioned health concerns and damages to the house’s inner structure. Be sure to keep fixing the small issues on your rooftop so at least you will be able to sell it at a reasonable price if you ever happen to need it.

If you haven’t climbed up on your roof in years, now’s the time to do so. Have all of these reasons in mind, and be sure to properly maintain it so your home will be safer to live in.


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