Potting Mix And Potting Soil Are Two Different Things.

If you are starting to learn gardening, you should know that potting mix and potting soil are two separate phrases that have different meanings. 

It is best to understand them so that you can buy the right material for your garden when you go shopping. 


Here is all about each phrase 

Potting soil 

It is a term used for multiple kinds of soil, specifically plants/flowers, which are in pots or containers.  One of the main ingredients of ant potting soil is peat. It is an ancient raw material found in origin plants. Peat is essential because of its ability to retain water over a long time and absorb water quickly.  The other significant part of peat soil is coir. It is mixed in different amounts, the quantity depends upon the plant you will be plotting and the condition it requires to grow. Black peat is often seen on the top of every plant. This soil improves fertility and does not contain lime; hence it is best used in the culture of acidophilic plants. The soil is fully organic and is rich in nutrients. It is also cheap and lasts a long time. However, it can get waterlogged and has low aeration. So if you’re looking to plant seeds, then it isn’t the right choice.   

Potting mix 

This soil was specially designed, keeping in mind pot gardening. It has the right material to maximize the growth of plants. A balanced potting mix will have pine bark, organic matter, peat (for water retention), nutrients, and other things required by a plant. 

 The difference you will immediately notice is that the particles of the potting mix are considerably larger. The large size is to allow them to have better aeration. The particles may be enormous, but they are light in weight because they can easily travel to the root. The potting mix can be customized as per each Gardner’s need. This soil has a fluffy texture, which enhances the growth of plants. It has proper aeration and drainage, which is necessary as the root gets a small area in a pot. The customization of soil means that you will have the right amount of nutrients needed to grow your plant to its fullest. But it is costly and will require change often. 


Now that you have this information, you can decide which ones you want to go for when setting up a garden in your home/ apartment. 

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