11 Genius and Thrifty Organization Hacks for the Home

Do you have a busy household? Would decluttering go a long way toward making it a better place?

Believe it or not, organizing your home can do more than make just make it cleaner. It can reduce stress and anxiety, get rid of allergens, and even help you sleep better. You may even find more time to exercise and eat right. 

Here are some of our favorite home organization hacks.

Clean Out Under Your Sink

The sinks in your bathroom are a typical place for clutter to begin to reign. 

One of our favorite kitchen organization hacks is to use an over-the-door shoe hanger to organize your cleaning supplies in your pantry.

A shoe hanger is a great way to keep your supplies visible and ready for use. It also helps you avoid pushing things out of the way to find what you’re looking for.

Use a Storage Container

Maybe you have a home business that requires keeping stock of extra supplies. Or you own a retail space and need to hang on to important paperwork or extra inventory.

One great way to hang on to what you need without stacking up items all over your precious indoor space is to rent or purchase a storage container. You can lock them or even add insulation or humidity control for extra protection.

Pantry Bins

It’s easy to allow your pantry to become overwhelmed with cereal, snacks, and pasta when you’ve got a big family.

Pantry bins can help you keep like items together. You can also use them to create “sections” in your closet for like items such as breakfast foods, canned goods, and cleaning supplies.

Hang Your Bags on Shower Curtain Hooks

Many of us know what it’s like to have handbags to be used on different types of days or with different outfits. Use them too much and you’ve got a lot of bags taking up space on your floor.

One of our favorite bedroom organization hacks is to hang your bags from shower curtain hooks in your closet. This way, you can keep them off the floor and always see what you have available.

Use Command Hooks For Jewelry

We often invest a considerable amount of money in our jewelry collection, yet have trouble locating the pieces we need when we want to wear them. 

Jewelry that’s knotted or twisted can be easy to forget about. When you hang your necklaces and bracelets on command hooks, you can be certain that you’re keeping them separate and available.

Mason Jars for Bathroom Storage

Small mason jars are affordable at home supply stores. You can use them to store cotton balls, toothbrushes, and beauty supplies. 

The best thing about mason jars is that they’re easy to find. If you find more things you want to organize, you can always get additional jars!

Use Old Coffee Cans for Crafts

Coffee cans are easy to clean out and decorate, and they’re a great way to store supplies like yarn, beads, and paintbrushes.

Cover your cans in burlap or wrapping paper for a creative touch!

Hang It On a Basket

Items like hats, scarves, and gloves are easy to lose in the winter when you need them most.

Consider hanging a tiered basket like the ones your grandma used for onions to hold all of your accessories and keep them visible.

Peg Board Party

You can paint an old headboard and use it to clean up the clutter in your kid’s room. Toys, purses, and bows all look better when they’re picked up and hanging where you child can easily view and grab them.

Organize Those Kitchen Files

Believe it or not, your old file organizers can get repurposed in your kitchen. Try holding your bakeware and cutting boards in place with some of your favorite old metal filing staples.

Car Caddy

You remember convenient plastic caddies from your college bathroom. Only this time, instead of transporting your shampoo and loofah, you can use it to clean up your car.

Kiddie necessities like toys, crayons, and snacks can all get stashed away in your convenient caddy. And you can keep items there so they don’t end up all over the floor. 

The Organized Advantage

Looking at a disorganized home can really take its toll on your mental state. You may feel stressed out, epoxy resin pegboard, overwhelmed, and out of control.

Taking the time to clean up your house can change that completely. You’ll begin to feel less exhausted and even get some energy from looking at your space.

Getting organized after having a less-than-neat space also sets a great example for your kids. You’re showing them how important it is to be willing to start over and take control of your life.

In addition, those around you may develop a higher opinion of you if they see that you care for your belongings. You can begin to focus on developing your talents, skills, and interest rather than feeling drained.

An organized space can help you feel more productive at work and even encourage a healthier lifestyle. Getting organized could be the push you need to turn a new page in your life’s book.

Our Favorite Organization Hacks

Don’t let clutter continue to overwhelm you. With a little effort and some clever organization hacks, your space could be like new in no time. And it can give you the energy you need to support a positive lifestyle.

Don’t stop getting smart about your home now. For more great ideas, read our blog today.

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