Moving to San Antonio

What You Need to Know Before Packing up and Heading to This Thriving Part of Texas

San Antonio is one of those classic Texas towns that has grown into a thriving metropolis. Over 1.5 million people currently call San Antonio home and if you are thinking of making the move to this modern, yet historically rich city, there a few things you will want to keep in mind. 

Not All Streets Are Meant for Cars

When we think of roads, we often visualize endless cars whizzing past or congested surface streets and red lights, but in San Antonio, not all streets are designated for such traffic. Once you arrive in the city, you will likely be asked if you have experienced River Walk yet. If the answer is “No” then you might as well head down that way. River Walk is a shoppers dream and one of the few remaining pedestrian-only roads in the city. It boasts attractions for everyone from unique restaurants and bars to some of the most amazing shopping in the city. This is also the area where residents conjugate for annual festivals in San Antonio, so you will come to know and love this area. 

Rodeos Are a Big Deal

Everything is bigger in Texas and in San Antonio, nothing is bigger than the rodeo. San Antonio hosts the largest rodeo in the country and this event boasts over 2 million visitors annually. Even if you are not that into rodeos, it is a welcomed experience. Big-name bands come from all over the country to play for this event in live performances and it is a true Texas tradition. Get your cowboy boots, hat, and pair of Wrangler’s on and enjoy an experience of a lifetime. 

History at its Core

We have all heard the story of the Alamo and how it was the last standoff between the Republic of Texas and Mexican forces. The fighting men did lose their lives, but the Alamo is something all San Antonio residents hold dear to their hearts. One might think that this popular tourist attraction was in an out of the way place, but in this city, they do not hide their history away. In fact, the Alamo is right in the center of downtown, so you really cannot miss it if you are living in the city. In addition to the original site, Fiesta is an annual celebration of the victory dating back to 1891. It is an event that encompasses hundreds of events and a total of three parades. Among the most popular of these parades is featured floating down the river at River Walk. 

Storage Units are a Huge Help

Moving to San Antonio can be a daunting task. You will need time to find a place to live, establish yourself at a job, and basically adapt to living in this beautiful and bustling city. It is a lot to take in and during your initial move, you may have to downsize your chosen residence. Apartments in San Antonio are many and purchasing a home right away may not be an option for everyone. Therefore, storage units in San Antonio are essential for anyone moving to the area. Storage units give you the opportunity to store what you need while keeping essentials safely in your home. When you have established yourself or find the home of your dreams, all of your belongings will be available to you. Make your move to San Antonio easier by renting a storage unit. 

A Cyclist’s City

More and more Americans are discovering the joy of bike riding. This is not merely for health and recreational activities, but for everyday commuting as well. San Antonio emphasizes bike-sharing which is not always a common concept in every city. Basically, bikes are available for commuters at various points around the city to encourage outdoor activities and simply enjoying the beautiful weather of the city. While living here, you may find that commuting via bike is one of the quickest ways to get to where you want to go and as a bonus, it is better for the environment. 

Marine Life

So, when you think of San Antonio and its landlocked location within Texas, the thought of seeing aquatic life may not even come to mind, but it should. San Antonio may not have an ocean, but it does have a Sea World. Sea World Park in San Antonio is a beautiful 250 acre Sea World Park in San Antonio is a beautiful 250-acre facility featuring killer whales, dolphins, and an array of spectacular marine life. There are even options for families to schedule swim sessions with these amazing creatures.

A Wealth of Museums

With all of the history surrounding San Antonio, it is no surprise there are many museums throughout the city. If visual depictions of live history is what you are after, you will have your pick of modern art, classic art, and even an array of strictly historical museums as well. There is much to learn from our past and San Antonio museums are available to teach the whole family while entertaining them as well. 

San Antonio is a growing city with much to offer. New industries and a classic Texas feeling to the city make it a hot spot for people from all generations. Young professionals enjoy the fun vibe while families can find an enjoyable place to grow. San Antonio truly has it all.

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