Maple Furniture – Pressure On Online Retailers With Recent Coronavirus Challenges

People looking for high quality maple furniture on flexible payment terms can still acquire furniture, even despite recent challenges with the coronavirus (COVID 19).

Many retailers offline have temporarily closed for the time being, with many people looking for furniture forced to look to other places to source their home furnishings, one such place where people have been searching is online, with many online retailers remaining open despite the recent pandemic.

One such retailer is Maple, an online and offline retailer committed to delivering the highest quality home furnishings to the British public.

Leather & Fabric Sofas

Of particular demand is both 2 piece and 3 piece sofa furniture, with both of which being searched for at increasing rates since the coronavirus (COVID 19) became a problem.

Leather sofas in particular has seen a sharp rise in demand, especially in the previous few days:

With the online search volumes increasing for sofa and furniture related keywords, online demand is rising sharply with more pressure on online outlets to deliver furnishings to UK residents faster than ever before.

Leather sofas in particular demand are Kansas leather and general 2 seater and 3 seater leather sofas and matching chairs with demand increasing sharply for these furnishings during the recent pandemic.

Fabric sofas, there are different brands for the different types of fabric sofa furnishings and chairs, which are in demand, the Windsor range in particular is popular along with the Chesterfield 3 & 2 seater combo.

Orders for fabric sofas have placed bespoke retailers under increased pressure with a majority of people searching for these overall as opposed to leather sofas, due to higher general popularity over a longer period of time.

Flexible Finance Options

Another trend amongst the consumers and searchers is the increase in people looking for flexible finance options, for people to purchase furniture without having to pay the entire amount upfront.

The image above shows the trend in searches since 21st December 2019, showing the recent increase in people searching for ‘sofa finance’ and ‘furniture finance’ 

‘Data acquired from Google Trends, August 2020’.

Snap Finance, is one such UK company offering flexible payment terms for people searching for furniture finance and sofa finance, they offer an interest free option for the first 15 payments, to help people to buy furniture in more manageable terms.

People who wish to buy new furniture from approved retailers (one of which being can now apply with a ‘soft credit check’ (a credit check which can assess suitability without affecting credit ratings).

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