Make Way For These 3 Games In your Basement

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The popular perception makes the basement one of the most underrated spaces in our house. Little do we know that one can transform it into a beautiful space that not only increases the value of your home but can become the most exciting area in your home. That dark and dank storage space can be turned into a place that can be truly inspiring for anyone.


The idea is to change this unused or neglected space of your house into a games area where you, your kids can have a good time and invite friends, relatives, and colleagues as well. Beyond the standard table games, you have got a lot of exciting choices as well.
We will materialize your game room in your basement with these 3 games that everyone will enjoy and admire.



This traditional table soccer game has made a comeback. If you who find it a struggle to get out and run around a huge filed, foosball provides entertainment right in your basement’s comfort. The good thing is that this indoor game encourages healthy competition and is just right to have a good time with your kids and friends alike. All you need is a bit of skill, which in any case, one can develop over time.
From kids to adults, all age groups enjoy this game to the maximum. The popular version is nearly 3 feet by 2 feet in size. The standard foosball table has 8 sticks i.e., 4 for each player.

Air Hockey

Air Hockey

This mini air-powered tabletop hockey game will draw your child and even your colleagues to it. Here the rules are simple; each player gets a chance to score by ensuring that the puck lands into the opponent’s goal. It is a game that demands skill, reflexes, and strategy. Get the hang of the mechanics and the rules of the game, and in no time, you can be a formidable opponent to beat.

You will find the tables in three sizes or types – beginners, intermediate, and advanced. Depending on your budget and basement space, pick any of the three, the enjoyment remains the same. It is a competitive game, but try to have fun as you play.

Putter Ball Game

Putter Ball Game

If you are looking for a unique, not a straightforward game, and has a twist to it as well, then Putter Ball Game is for you. Consider it a fusion of golf, competition, and beer pong. Of course, for the younger folks, replace the beer glass with some cold drink. It’s a game that anyone can easily enjoy. This game – anyone can play it and play it anywhere.

The rules of the Putterball are similar to the classic game of beer pong. The purpose is to make all six cups before the opposition team. Yes, you can add any additional rules to add more fun and challenge. That remains the discretion of the players.
As they say- it is the game when they cannot have enough golf.

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