Make Stress Management a Priority in Your New Year’s Resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions are a healthy and essential cultural tradition. They represent a ceremonial turning over of a new leaf – a chance to put the past behind and focus on bettering yourself in the future. It’s just a shame that the season for making New Year’s Resolutions – right around the holidays – happens to be the most stressful time of year. 

It’s challenging to get more exercise, make continued healthy dietary choices and kick bad habits when you are consumed with stress. If you want to hit the ground running in 2021 and check off each item on your list of resolutions, you have to prioritize stress management.


In this article, let’s discuss how you can start 2021 feeling lighter, calmer and more prepared to tackle your self-betterment projects.  

Mess Causes Stress – Start 2021 on the Right Foot by Decluttering

The holidays can get messy. As you welcome guests, buy gifts, cook lavish meals and unbox decorations, the clutter starts to pile up. And because you have less free time on your hands, the clutter sticks around – growing more pervasive as time passes. 

And unfortunately, mess causes stress. According to psychologists, clutter in the home plays a significant role in our self-valuation. Messy homes can leave us feeling ashamed, distracted, tense and frustrated. If you genuinely want 2021 to be a fresh start, you need to think about decluttering.

Luckily, you don’t need to go it alone. Professional home organizing companies can help you rid your home of clutter and implement easy-to-follow organizational systems. Working with you, they will help edit your belongings (sorting and disposing of wanted/unwanted items) and coordinate the installation of organization systems for your closet, living areas, home office and more. If you want to reclaim your space this New Year, contact professional home organizers. 

Make an Actionable List of Small Stress-Relief Resolutions

With your newly decluttered home, you are in a prime position to tackle stress elsewhere in your life. To ensure that you remain dedicated to stress management, make an actionable list of easy, daily things you can do to mitigate stress, including: 

  • Take breaks: Especially if you are working from home, you may forget to take occasional rests. But, according to psychologists, breaks are essential to a healthy work environment. Set a timer for your breaks and spend your free time on a calming activity. 
  • Exercise: There are fewer things better for stress than sweating it out. For added stress management, take up yoga as a fitness practice: its mix of exercise and meditation can be the perfect salve in stressful times. 
  • Laugh: As it turns out, laughter is one of the best medicines. Partaking in funny conversation or watching a funny movie can be both mentally diverting and physically beneficial (it actually decreases stress hormones and lowers blood pressure!)
  • Don’t let other resolutions add to your anxiety: Lastly, don’t allow your other resolutions to stress you out. Especially if the resolutions you set for yourself are extreme, they may fail – and that’s okay. Remember, you are prioritizing stress relief in the small choices

In summary, fighting stress requires a two-pronged approach: changing your environment and managing your response. To make your environment a peaceful one, conducive to calm, hire a professional home organizing company to declutter. To manage your stress response, remember to relax, move, laugh and go easy on yourself. With this two-pronged approach, 2021 will be a breeze!


Muhammad Haseeb
Muhammed is a freelance writer, with 3 years of experience under his Belt. He writes and publishes articles on lots of high-quality Tech, General, Health sites. When not writing, he enjoys traveling and adventure. Say hi on Skype @[email protected]

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