Know the Signs, Is It Time for Your a Carpet Cleaner?

Are you having a hard time bringing your carpet back to life? No matter how many times you vacuum or use the carpet cleaner, are your carpets still looking a bit dingy? Old, stained, and dirty carpets can take away from the entire aesthetics of a room. 

Is it time to do a deep cleaning, or are you simply not cleaning it properly? Are you ready to get your carpet cleaner and stop coming home to dirt stains? In the guide below, you’ll discover several signs that it’s time for a professional carpet cleaning. 

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Your Home’s Making You Sick

Is your home making you sick? Do you spend the day feeling well, but the moment you walk into your home you start sneezing and coughing and your nose starts running? This could be due to allergens. 

Dust, dirt, and other allergens can be lurking in your home unnoticed. The fibers of your carpet are a great hiding place for these irritating particles. Even though you may dust your home on a regular basis, you need to keep in mind that dust has a tendency to fall onto the carpet and disappear into its fibers. 

When you begin to feel as though you’re allergic to your own home, it may be time to contact rug and carpet cleaning professionals. A professional service will know how to clean your carpets properly and leave your home allergen-free. 

You Don’t Remember the Last Cleaning

Another sure way to tell it’s time to have your carpets cleaned is if you don’t remember the last time you had them professionally cleaned. It’s one thing to rent out a carpet cleaner and clean them yourself, but there’s nothing comparable to having them professionally cleaned.

There’s only so much a store-bought carpet cleaner or steamer can do. Professionals use certain products and cleaning methods to get deep down into the bottom layers of your carpet and remove dirt, dust, and stains. There are also several different carpet-cleaning methods to consider as well, such as a steam/water-free method. 

If you’ve never had your home’s carpets professionally cleaned or can’t remember the last time you did, then go ahead and make the call to schedule a cleaning. 

The Color Isn’t the Same

When’s the last time you rearranged the furniture in one of your carpeted rooms? Once you lifted your couch and placed it in another section of the room, did you notice the coloring of the carpet was different under the couch? 

If the color of your carpet is different under large furniture pieces, then this is because the carpet that’s not covered is dirty. You weren’t able to walk on the carpet under the couch, bed, or entertainment center. It stayed in good condition, but now you’re able to see just how bad the rest of your carpet is. 

When the color of your carpet is no longer its original color, you should consider scheduling a carpet cleaning service to help bring the faded or dirty carpet back to its original state. 

Each Vacuum Pulls a Container of Dirt

How often do you vacuum your carpet? Do you vacuum once a day, once a week, or something else? Is your vacuum’s container filling up with dirt, dust, and hair each time you vacuum? 

Consider vacuuming your entire carpets, emptying out the container, and then running the vacuum over the carpeting again. Look to see how much dirt the vacuum pulls out of the carpet each time. If it’s a never-ending cycle of dirt and dust no matter how many times you vacuum, then it’s in need of deep cleaning. 

After having the carpets cleaned professionally, run your vacuum over them again (after they dry). See what a difference the professional cleaning made. 

There Are Stubborn Stains

Carpets are a great addition to bedrooms and other rooms in the home that you want to be cozy and comfortable. The downfall to them, however, is they won’t clean as easily once something spills on them. If you own carpet, then you most likely have a few stains on them.

This is normal, but stubborn stains can be frustrating. 

If your carpets are full of stubborn stains, then you’ll want to have a professional cleaning done. Be sure to point out to the cleaning service where all the stains are so they know how to tackle those areas. Some stains, however, are too stubborn to be removed with any type of cleaning.

Ask the carpet-cleaning service about dying the carpet where the stains are. These services are usually able to create a dye the same color as (or close to the same) the carpet. They can then place this dye over the stains to help blend them in with your carpets. 

There’s a Smell Protruding From It 

Carpet fibers don’t only hold dirt and dust. They can absorb yucky smells as well. Have you noticed a musty smell in your home? The smell might be coming from your carpets.

This is especially true for homes with young children and pets. Kids and pets love to make a mess and you’ve most likely had a few spills here and there. When your carpets start to protrude a smelly odor from them, it’s time to bring in the professionals. 

Are You Ready to Get Your Carpet Cleaner?

Are carpet stains, dirt marks, and smells taking over your home? Is it time to schedule a carpet cleaning with a professional carpet cleaning service? Are you ready to get your carpet cleaner than ever before? 

Use the tips listed in this guide above to determine if your carpet is begging for a professional cleaning and then make the call. 

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