Important Things To Know Before Purchasing A New Air Conditioner

Hire a Professional Contractor :

It is critical to do research to find the best company or contractor to do the job. The efficiency of your air conditioner is determined by the installation. The best option is always to get a recommendation from a family member or friend. However, local home service referral websites such as Angie’s List can work also. Just make sure to also check their BBB rating. Select two to three different contractors and then ask each of them to provide you with a detailed quote. If they will be providing the air conditioning unit as well, ask them for the make and model to make sure it suits your needs. Finally, a majority of manufacturer warranties have certain stipulations attached to them, including professional installation and inspection that needs to be signed by a licensed HVAC contractor. That is why it is critical to conduct a comprehensive vetting process to find a qualified HVAC installer. 

Purchasing an AC Unit Online :

You can approach your AC installation in a few different ways. The first is to use an all-inclusive approach where the contractor provides the AC unit and installs it. However, you may want to purchase a unit at wholesale and then hire a contractor to install it.  Depending on the type of brand you are looking for, that can save you a lot of money. However, you still will need to find a professional contractor to have it installed. It is important to hire a licensed contractor who follows state and local codes, obtains any permits that are necessary, and provides you with a record of the professional installation. If you are going to purchase air conditioning or heating equipment online, you should first check with a professional, since there are many reasons why they may not do the installation.  There are many contractors who only install HVAC units that they supply due to the fact that manufacturer warranties are paid by the company and it is possible that your unit is the wrong size, damage, lacking in the right paperwork, or is not matched properly to your current house. It might cost more money, but it is strongly recommended that you hired a licensed HVAC contractor to size your house and calculate the precise air conditioner or furnace that your house needs. Over the long run, that will most likely save you a lot of money and time.  


A/C Size :

It is essential to choose the right size unit for your house. Although your contractor can assist you with this, it is very important to know ahead of time why this is critical. If an AC unit is not the right size for your home’s square footage, it can result in several problems. A unit that is too small will not be able to cool your home down properly. A unit that is too large will frequently cycle o and off – which will increase your utility bills and waste energy. Even when an older model is being replaced, the contractor will want to conduct a load calculation to make sure.

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Load Calculation

A load calculation should be performed when you are purchasing industrial equipment such as a new air conditioning unit. This will help to determine the right size AC unit for your house. An HVAC technician does that by matching the thermal characteristics of your house with cooling capacity (measured in BTUs).  Typically a load calculation will factor in the climate zone, size of your house, the number of appliances, directional orientation, roof material, and other relevant information. Find out if your HVAC contractor does energy audits also. Energy audits can often be paired together with load calculations to receive a discount. 

SEER Rating – The efficiency of an air conditioner is measured by SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio). The U.S. Department of Energy increased its minimum SEER requirement in 2015 from 13 up to 14. A 14 to 22 rating is considered to be energy-efficient. So look for a model with a rating of 14 at least, but one that is higher in efficiency is even better. 

High-Efficiency Models :

These are A/U units with a 14 or higher rating. They are a bit more expensive but ultimately will save more money and energy. When shopping for a new air conditioner,  search for an ENERGY STAR label since that indicates the most efficient AC units available. Don’t forget to check the Power efficiency guide to save more money on your energy bill.

Annual Maintenance :

After you have had your new AC unit installed, talk to your contractor to see if they offer a maintenance plan. Yearly tune-ups will help to ensure that your A/C operates at optimum efficiency – and also keeps your warranty valid as well A reputable contractor can help you select the best maintenance program for you. A majority of professional home service companies offer deals on their annual A/C maintenance plans.  

Off-Season Shopping :

A good time to shop for a new AC unit is during the cooler months when it more likely for brands to be on sale and in stock.

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