How to Prepare for an Enjoyable Feast Without Fearing Drain Blockage

As Christmas is fast approaching, it is time to gear up for the festive season that can bring cheer amid the gloom of the Covid19 pandemic that has held everyone hostage. While it is natural to turn your complete focus on the preparations for the festive season so that you derive maximum fun and enjoyment, you must not forget about the drains that remain out of sight. According to the plumbers at Brisbane Plumbing & Drainage, you must not forget about caring for the drains even during the festivities because neglecting it can spoil your party if it chokes at the wrong time. 

Check The Insulation

The drains are under tremendous stress during the festive times, especially during Christmas and in places that experience severe cold.  When it snows or gets extremely cold, water freezes in the pipes and water tanks, and as freezing water keeps expanding, it can burst pipelines. It is critical to prevent such catastrophe by ensuring proper insulation of the pipelines and tanks so that water does not freeze. Before Christmas, undertake an inspection of the pipelines and tanks to ensure that adequate insulation is in place so that you do not face any problems when you are celebrating the most important festival of the year. 

 Check The Drainage System and Manholes

Ensure that the drainage system is functioning correctly and the manholes are functional too so that you are not caught unaware by choked drains at times when you want to devote full time to fun and enjoyment. This is especially important because when the weather is cold and if there are incidents of melting ice and snow or rainfall, malfunctioning drainage systems might become a big headache for you and entail expensive repairs.

Be Mindful About Your Habits in The Kitchen

While you do not have any control over the weather, you can practice some good habits in using the drainage system. Since Christmas celebrations involve a lot of feasting and dining, there is a heavy load on the household kitchen drains as families prepare foods in large quantities to entertain friends and guests. As it is customary for treating guests with roasted turkeys and chickens, Christmas meals and dinner can put a considerable strain on the kitchen drains because of grease and oil running freely into the drains along with other food wastes which is a recipe for clogged drains.

Ensure Proper Disposal 

Since all attention goes to cooking food and enjoying sumptuous meals during Christmas gatherings, the aspect of proper disposal of waste, oil, and grease often gets short shrift. The method of disposal is rarely on the minds of people. , but it is essential to remember that sending down grease, oil, vegetable peels, bones, gravy, and leftover food into the drain is a sure way of inviting trouble as drains would choke in no time.

 Even during the festivities, it is essential to pay attention to good kitchen practices that consist of implementing a disposal system. This will ensure that there are no chances of drains springing up surprises and playing spoilsport when you are enjoying Christmas.  

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