How to Make Your Home a Calmer Place to Live

With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, many of us are stuck indoors working at home. In other countries, many people are not even leaving their houses. If your home isn’t a feel-good space, all this self-isolation is enough to drive you crazy. On the bright side, this self-isolation phase may be the best thing ever to turn your home into a sanctuary and refuge. Lights, clear spaces, candles; these words alone are enough to make you feel calm and stress-free. When preventing and managing stress, we often overlook one of the most straightforward strategies; make your home more peaceful and tranquil. Your home matters a lot since it’s a circle where your life revolves. There’s a lot of positive value in creating a relaxed and calmer home. 

Here are a few practical ways to achieve just that. 

Keep Your Décor in Mind

Since your home is a personal space, it should reflect your style and preference. It would be best to use good color schemes and décor to make your home more peaceful, making you feel at home. According to home lifestyle experts from, your home is a sanctuary that should provide comfort and health in your everyday life; whether it’s in the morning or evening, walking into your home should feel like taking a fresh breath of air. Making your home visually appealing plays a significant role in reflecting your style. Each one of us has their style, and sometimes these styles change. Even if you’re on a tight budget, you can still add a few changes by moving things around by stepping up your home décor game.


It’s common knowledge that clutter produces unconscious and physical chaos. In many instances, unkempt piles and disorganization can take you longer to find anything, especially in the morning, when you’re going to work. If you’re on a tight work schedule, allocate some time to sort out the messy pile of items bogging you down. As soon as you sort out your mess, you’ll feel the tension immediately escape your room. In psychological studies, clutter is associated with a mental arrest. So, you must spend time cleaning out unused items or, better yet, donate them. Additionally, you can invest in organizational tools like clear jars, woven baskets, or drawer inserts. 

Choose Your Happy Colours

Never underestimate the power of color in your home since it’s considered a mood shifter. Since ancient civilizations, color is used to shift our emotions and even heal illness. In the modern era, this ancient wisdom is starting to bear out the truth. It would be best if you start with colors that draw you in. To begin with, think about the places you love around the world. For example, if you’re drawn to the warm earth-based pigments in the Caribbean, then pick a theme that resonates with that color.

Additionally, don’t be scared to play around with various colors. Some of the standard colors include yellow, which has been proven to raise energy levels and banish depression. Green is also another great color that can be used in living rooms to foster calm and contentment.

Use Natural Scents

The scent is also proven by psychological studies to evoke shifts in mood. In our bodies, the olfactory receptors are directly connected to the limbic system; this is the most ancient part of our brain, which means that we react to scents at a deeper level. In Greek mythology, the Greeks believed that smells were a means of contacting the gods. They also felt aromas turned your home into a temple. However, avoid going for synthetic products. It would be best if you considered natural fragrances like herbs or flowers or aromatherapy oils.

Additionally, you can also go for naturally scented candles. They provide an exciting scent to your home and bring the fire element into your room. You can also make your essential oil blends to use in misters by following step by step DIY guides on the internet. 

Have a Set Routine

Having routines in your life can create the perfect rhythm of simplifying and organizing yourself. One vital factor about patterns is that they put your every day on autopilot. This means that you don’t have to keep remembering every chore every day; your routine allows this to happen efficiently. When starting, have an exact schedule for your morning, afternoon, and evening routines. Having set patterns will help to make your home more calm, peaceful, and organized.

It takes effort and determination to make each of these ideas work. However, this doesn’t mean it’s hard to do. For starters, work on a décor style that you love. Set up a scheduled time for keeping your space clean by keeping the clutter away. Additionally, don’t forget to install a few beautiful touches that will create a peaceful, serene, and relaxing environment.

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