How to Give Your Old and Worn Out Roof a New Look

Your old, wretched roof need not be an instant hit with yourself even. You need one that bears out that it is a product of design excellence and modernism. But not all roof remodeling ideas are attractive, and some are downright scary. 

But provided you choose the right roof, it can significantly add to your property’s worth. People looking forward to changing their old ceilings with a brand new one should observe the following tips for maximum benefit:

  • Looks, Does Matter

It is easy to underestimate exactly how vital your roofing’s appearance and style are, but it’s important not to. For a new and attractive roof, you need to consult online resources that might be of help. You can click here to find one such tremendously useful online resource. Keep in mind that your home roof makes up 40% of your home’s total visible exterior. This means that you want to be sure that your roof looks useful and attractive.

  • Play Inspector Peeker

It might be a too stylish way to put it. Still, the fact remains that you want to inspect your roof from a vantage point, preferable with binoculars. Watch out for curling and cracking during your roof inspection. Make sure no shingles are missing. Some roof types, namely asphalt shingle roofs, further need to be checked to see if areas lack granular covers. Also, inspect your roof from inside your house. The last thing to do in your inspection routine is to check your attic with a flashlight searching for water stains that tell you of a growing roof leak.

  • Don’t Shy Away From Asking Questions.

Ensure you hire duly qualified contractors for your new roofing project with a permanent business address, tax identification number, and a phone number. A business license is another thing you might want to check up on. The last thing you need to ensure is that the contractor has liability insurance and compensation for workers sorted out. Ask for proof of the same from your contractor. Otherwise, you may end up being the person financially responsible for worksite accidents.

  • Know Local Code

You need to note local municipal building regulations to know the number of times you are allowed to recover existing roofs with a fresh new layer. Some municipalities permit you to use only two layers of roofing material. If you intend to add another layer toy would first need to tear off the existing one.

  • Click Pictures

With technology, it is now possible for contractors to reproduce your roof with different roofings if you provide them with your home’s digital picture.

  • The Written Word Is Important

Ensure that your roofing contractor provides you with a detailed proposal regarding your project in writing. You need to watch out for some other things while hiring your roofing contractor, as well as detailed in this resource. One of the major things they need to make exact is the proposed types of:

  • Material
  • Roofing
  • Color
  • Additional materials that will be used
  • Scope of the project

You also want the contractor to expressly state whether the roofing calls for an additional shingle layer or if there is a need to remove existing layers. Make sure that the contractor spells out if they will install new vents and flashing. The proposal needs to provide the expected starting and completion dates of the project.

  • Asphalts Are Attractive

As per industry organizations, almost 80% of all US homeowners choose asphalt roofing for their residential properties. Asphalt roofing products are of two types, namely fiberglass and organic. They come in a wide range of colors, and people are free to choose from several styles and visual textures. The organic variety of asphalt roofing is made of cellulose fibers. It consists of materials like recycled waste papers or wood fibers.

On the other hand, fiberglass asphalt roofings are made of glass fibers—both of the roofing types we mention come with a coating of asphalt. The roof shingles are also surfaced with mineral granules that resist the wear and tear of weather. The latter type of shingles is more vulnerable to breakage during the cold winters, but they can withstand moisture and fire more.

You should not take your home renovation projects lightly, least of all when you desire that perfect fantastic roof. Most of the homeowners out there will find roofing to be a task best left to expert contractors. Armed with this host of useful tips, it is time to start actual work. Hoping your roofing becomes as awesome as you!

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