How to Get Slab Leaks Repaired?

Slab leaks are indeed annoying and, if undiscovered for long, can cost a lot. The worst thing is anyone can face this, including people who think they have done everything to prevent them. But as the saying goes, prevention is always better than cure. Here it is beyond better; it is cheaper too.

Common Causes 

Slab leaks have some causes such as,

  • Ground shifts 
  • Natural disasters 
  • Faulty wrapping 
  • Nicked lines 
  • Electrolysis 
  • Clay under the foundation

Signs for Repair 

Below are some signs that you need to repair a slab leak,

  • Cracked slab 
  • Low water pressure 
  • Hot spots in the floor
  • Abnormally high water bill
  • Warped flooring or damp carpet 
  • Mold underneath the carpet 
  • Audible running water after turning off the tab
  • Musky smell such as damp basement or smell of sewage 
  • Leak under the yard causing floods, ruined landscaping, or mushy patch of grass

Ways to Restore Slab Leaks 

When you hire an expert that offers slab leak repair in Arlington TX, you can avail these services,

  • Epoxy Restoration – If you can restore the leak through epoxy restoration, the process will automatically be easy. This method needs minimal demolition of the home and the least expensive slab leak repair method. Here, the professionals make about two access holes to access the area of leakage for repair.
  • Pipe Re-Routing – This method needs demolition of concrete. Pipe re-routing is highly preferred when pipes on the floor and walls need to be a replacement. This method is ideal when some pipes need substitutes, limiting labor costs, and high demo related to this repair technique.  
  • Re-piping – Plumbers use this method during multiple slab leaks in the house. Re-piping also works wonders as it helps to stop leakage permanently. Here, the professional will install new, durable piping that uses expansion to ensure that the fittings are secure and leak-free.

Why Choose Professional Services?

Professional water leak repair companies will prove beneficial in ways untold,

  • Save Time – Modern and innovative tools and equipment help professionals efficiently and quickly identify leaks of every type. They do not require wasting time on intricate digging work. Experienced professionals possess the ability to check leaks sans harming the property.
  • Accuracy – These experts do much more than checking necessary leak locations as it is immensely specific. Here no guesswork is needed. This accuracy is hugely beneficial; it means no headache about a plumber digging up the property for leakage signs. In short, hiring a professional here is the answer.
  • Decrease Monthly Water Bills – Nobody desires to fall victim to astronomical water bills every month. Slab leaks can often result in high water bills. To keep this stress at bay, it is best to join hands with a slab leak repair expert.

Besides, they can also help to detect hidden water leaks. So what are you waiting for? Hurry booked an appointment with a expert at the earliest.

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