How to find the best plumber in your area

You’re probably here because you’re on the lookout for a reputable plumber to fix those troublesome leaks or misbehaving appliances. Welcoming somebody into your home comes with its own risks, so ensuring the plumber you select is reputable is key to getting your plumbing back to gold standard. So, here are our tried-and-tested tips for finding the best plumber in your local area:

Word of mouth! Ask your neighbours, colleagues, and even the shop assistant at the local store. If you find the same company cropping up as a recommendation, they’re likely a safe bet. You’ll be able to gain an insight which reviews simply don’t offer; the value of hindsight. Has their home remained leak-free and water-tight since their work was completed? If they have needed support since, has the plumber been readily available? It’s a great place to start your search.

Do your background checks! For plumbing New Westminster, along with a range of other regions in Canada, there is no uniform standard, licensing or qualification requirements. While plumbers must have their C of Q or be a certified apprentice, it’s vital you conduct thorough checks before going ahead with your plumbing work, such as checking their certification with the ITA, a regulation and standards authority. Remember, if any unforeseen injuries or issues crop up and your plumbing company is uninsured, you may have to pay out of pocket! You are in safe hands if you choose the plumbing services of They always take care of their customers.

Shop around! With the leading companies in the region offering free estimates, you’ll be able to satisfy yourself that you’re making the right decision, before spending a penny. If they’re charging way below the going rate, that could be a red flag. You’ll be able to get a general idea of pricing before your plumber turns up at your door, providing no hidden nasties emerge leading to a more complex job.

Ask about their experience. Now, that’s not to say that unless your plumber has racked up decades in the industry, they’re a no-go. If your job isn’t the straight-forward shower-unclogging or overflowing toilet, they may not have the tools and expertise to handle your issue. It’s always best to ask these questions first, to avoid any trouble further down the line.

Reviews are like gold dust. A glowing testimonial is the ultimate social proof, and can often be the deciding factor when selecting any professional. We recommend going further than seeing a 5* rating, and really reading what they have to say – do they mention the plumber’s trustworthy demeanour? Has the reviewer discussed a problem similar to the one you’re experiencing? Was the project completed on time? This is all valuable insight!

Ask questions! Any reputable tradesman will be happy to answer any queries or concerns you have. A quick call will show you how they interact with clients, and whether they’re thorough in their consultation, or rushing you off the phone. Somebody keen to help, even during the enquiry stages, is a positive sign.

This one may come as a surprise, but it’s important to check if the plumber has a physical location listed on their site. All businesses should have a registered address, so if it’s hidden for any reason, it may be advisable to steer clear. If anything goes wrong while plumbing, you’ll have no way of tracing them.

Check if your plumber offers a warranty or guarantee. This will provide you with the peace of mind that on the chance that your repair isn’t quite sealed to perfection, help is just a call away. A full warranty with 24-hour call outs is the ultimate combination!

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