How To Decorate Your Home With Unconventional Furniture

Whether your house is small or large, it’s always fun to decorate and create a lovely space to live in. It’s all too easy to head to the same superstore as everyone else and purchase furniture with little character. We think it’s far more exciting to decorate your home with unconventional pieces that make your home unique and wonderful to live in. But, it’s not as easy to find these types of pieces. In this guide, we will provide you with our favorite unconventional furniture pieces, and our ultimate tricks and tips for sourcing this furniture. 

What Is Unconventional Furniture

Simply put, unconventional furniture is anything differing from the norm. How many homes have you been to and spotted the same dining table, some shelving, or even a sofa that matches your own? We get it, it’s often cheap and easy to source items that fill people’s homes. Unconventional furniture could relate to any item in your home from your bed frame to your door handles, your coffee table to your bathtub. They are often made from repurposed older materials instead of new or have been created out of something totally different than you’d never normally find in a home. 

Unconventional Kitchens

One of our favorite rooms to decorate with unconventional items is the kitchen. Kitchen appliances and surfaces can be super varied, you don’t have to stick to standard items. For example, if you have a small kitchen there are some amazing and unique smaller appliances you could go for, as shown in this guide to maximize space while creating a big impact. Consider small wood-burner stoves, quirky storage solutions, and clever kitchen tables to utilize your kitchen space. 

Benefits of Choosing Something Different

Thinking outside the box and trying to find something unique for your home is a challenging but rewarding process. The first benefit we always find is the feeling of satisfaction when you finally find that item that’s just perfect for your home. The satisfaction is far greater this way than simply finding something off the shelf in a department store. You feel like you’ve sourced a wonderfully creative piece for your home that no one else has. This is actually the second benefit we always see. People visiting a home with unique and interesting furniture pieces are always thrilled and provide such nice feedback. Your friends will be asking who your interior designer is! If you’re the kind of person who enjoys people being impressed with your home, unique furniture is certainly a great way to create this lasting impression!

Where to Find it

Despite not being able to find truly unique pieces in major department stores or high street shops, they are easier to come across than you might think. If you’re the kind of shopper that likes to shop in person, then do a bit of research and head into the city to seek out some unique designers or one-off stores. Many people make and sell hand-made furniture from small boutique stores and would be happy to show you everything they have made and discuss how their pieces may fit in your home. There is always also the option of shopping at vintage furniture stores. Many pieces here will be made from repurposed materials from old buildings, fittings, or even other old furniture. We like to check them out in person to get a real feel for the quality of materials as well as the shape and size to make sure they fit in our homes properly.

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Our Favorite Types of Unconventional Furniture

There are so many options when it comes to finding different and exciting items for the home. From storage to seating and everything in between. These are just a few of our favorites:

Barn Door Tables

Many old barns, sheds, and garage doors get wasted and dumped every year. However, a cool modern trend is to take these, treat the wood, paint or varnish them, and create an amazing dining table from them. These are each unique and special in their own way and create a great dining room centerpiece.

Repurposed Item Coffee Table

When it comes to coffee tables, there are many items that can make amazing and unique versions. For example, a race car wheel or tire with a glass insert, or an old barrel. Put your feet up on something totally special!

Unique Shelving

There are many designers out there creating awesome modern and unique shelving. Imagine displaying your books, plants, or other items on a steel frame, loft-style shelving unit made to fit your home. Or, how about repurposed skate or snowboards being crafted into cool shelves for your kids? Either way, shelving is an easy way to find something unique.

With these tips, we hope you are excited and ready to go out hunting for some great unconventional furniture for your home. Remember to find unique pieces for that real wow-factor. Your home will be looking special in no time!

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