How to Decorate Your Home With Family Memories

Every one of us has family memories we treasure. Looking back at our lives, we’ll find many memorable, meaningful, and unique occasions that created a life of well-being and happiness. 

It’s said that we never realize what we’ve got until it’s gone. More often than not, this saying proves to be more real than we care to admit. When we grow up, we don’t think about life all that much. Yet, when we get older, we look back at our youth and realize how much we miss it, wishing we could go back.


Although we all know that those days are gone, and we can’t relive them, we can bring the past to the present. With so many unforgettable recollections from our childhood and creating a mass of new ones with our kids, it’s essential to preserve and remind ourselves of them.

One of the best ways to keep our memories alive is to display them in our homes. It creates a feeling of warmth and makes excellent topics for discussion when visitors come around.

Here are some ideas on how to decorate your home with precious family memories.

Allocate a Wall, Devoting it to a Photo Gallery

Instead of displaying family photos all over your home, allocate a specific wall, and set it aside as a photo gallery.

The wall in a stairway, hallway, bedroom, or the one over your couch is typically perfect for this purpose. Using the entryway is also a great choice as your family memories will be the first thing guests see as they enter your home. Whatever your choice, use the space to create a whimsical or fun photo collage.

It’s essential, though, to plan the layout of your gallery to avoid a cluttered look. Consider the following:

  • Arrange a grid by choosing the same color and size frames.
  • For a more organic look, use frames of various sizes and colors. With this option, playing with arrangement and spacing is crucial.
  • Use only vertical or horizontal photos, or a combination thereof.
  • For a three-dimensional look, consider using wrapped canvas prints.
  • If you prefer a more artistic feel, choose only black and white photos.
  • Place frames on photo rails.
  • For an intergenerational look, intersperse family photos from past generations among the pictures of your friends, family, and kids.

Display Achievements and Awards

Another excellent way for you to decorate your home with family memories is by displaying achievements and awards that your family members won.

The living room fireplace is a time-honored display area for plaques and trophies won by your kids playing sports or for academics in school. However, don’t forget about your own achievements, as they are, after all, important to you. You can also install a display cabinet in your lounge or dining room for this purpose.

However, keep in mind that achievements aren’t isolated to awards and trophies. Frame the first picture your child drew for you and display that amongst the others. It’s a significant memory and an important early accomplishment. 

Consider Using String

Photo by Vladyslav Dukhin from Pexels

String provides you with a versatile hanging method that you can use to decorate your home with precious family photos. It’s straightforward to install, lightweight, and makes changing out images easy. It grants you a minimalist and very modern method of displaying your favorite pictures. 

Your first step is to determine how long the string must be. Next, you need to decide on how you’re going to affix it to the wall. Thumbtacks, nails, or hooks work well for this purpose. Once you’ve hung the string, you’ll have to attach the photos to it using clothespins or something similar. It’ll leave your wall with a stunning display of your most prized pictures. 

To Wrap Up

Whether you choose to dedicate a wall to a photo gallery adorning it with photo frames or string or prefer to install a display cabinet, remember to have fun with it. These memories tell the story of your clan and make excellent conversation starters. So, be creative and add a more homely feel to your house.

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