How to Create the Ultimate Basement Gym

In order to achieve and maintain optimal health, it’s important to get at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity every week. But with our day-to-day lives becoming ever busier, it can feel almost impossible to fit in the time to go to the gym.

After all, when you include the time it takes to commute to the gym, check-in, get set up, and commute home, you could be adding another hour to your workout time.

If you can make staying fit as convenient as possible, you’re far more likely to keep up with your exercise routine. This is why building a basement gym is the ideal solution for any fitness enthusiast.

To learn how to build a gym at home, just keep reading.

Plan Your Layout

The first step in building a gym at home is to plan your layout. What kind of equipment will your gym include? How much space will you need to accommodate it? 

A set of free weights and a balance ball, for example, will take up much less space than a treadmill and a full weight bench or combination weight machine.

Will your entire basement be devoted to the gym, or will you separate it into multiple rooms or sections? Know the answers to all of these questions before you begin.

Consider Air Circulation

If your basement doesn’t already have ceiling fans, considering installing them. The number you need will depend on the amount of square footage your gym will occupy.

Good air circulation will ensure that your gym is a comfortable and sanitary environment.

Hang Mirrors on the Walls

Using a bold color palette on the walls is one of the best at-home gym ideas, as it will have an energy-boosting effect. However, it’s a good idea to hang mirrors along at least one of the walls.

Mirrors will help you to ensure that you’re using the correct form with all of your exercises. Perfecting your form and learning how to avoid them home workout mistakes is crucial to keeping yourself safe from injury.

Don’t Forget the Electronics

Yes, the actual exercise equipment is the most important piece of your basement gym, but no gym is complete without a TV and speakers.

Be sure to choose speakers that allow you to connect your phone, preferably via Bluetooth, so that you can have it near you to select your music while you workout.

A TV is an excellent addition to any home gym, as you’ll have access to a variety of at-home workout ideas, especially if you have a smart TV that allows you to install apps.

Start Designing Your Basement Gym Today

Stop trying to squeeze in trips to the gym and start designing your basement gym today! Getting in your daily exercise will be as easy and convenient as walking down the stairs.

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