How to Choose the Right Exercise Headphones

Choosing the right exercise headphones can make or break a workout. More often than not, people try to get away from the everyday crowd and hustle to dedicate a bit of time to themselves during workouts. The right headphone set is crucial, as they help you relax by listening to music or podcasts. Here are some key tips on how to choose just the right pair for you.

Check Whether They Fit

One of the very first aspects you should check when you’re buying headphones (especially to wear while exercising) is whether it fits your ears. It might sound silly, but every person has different ears, meaning that one size of headphones does not fit all. Proper headphone size should generally be a priority because earphones can cause damage to your earhole if you wear them the wrong way. This is especially true when working out because you will be jumping up and down which can exert added force on your ears.

Another common problem with incorrect headphone size is that it will keep falling out of your ears if they are too big, which will make your workout harder to focus on, not to mention it will be annoying as hell. Be sure to find the right size of your designated brand of headphones, as it will allow you to enjoy your workout more by listening to music or podcasts, which will make your time go by faster and certainly more interesting than it would if they kept bugging you.

Go Wireless

Some might say that a new era of headphones began when the companies started producing wireless headphones and earbuds. When most people try out wireless technology they usually never want to go back to wired headphones. There are a couple of quite logical reasons for this. Firstly, wires cause a mess. They get tangled up all the time, and if you’ve tried working out with them, you always have to attach your phone to your hand so they don’t get disconnected.

Secondly, you had to pay special attention to them so they don’t get pulled out of your phone, which would cause an instant mood killer. All of these reasons work in favor of wireless technology, especially during intense workouts. Truly, the stress that comes from having to worry about the wires on your headphone set can be alleviated by simply going wireless.

Are You After Noise Blocking?

With technology advancing every day, headphones are much better than they used to be throughout the years. The main technology aspect that has made headphones almost a necessity in our busy everyday lives is the noise blocking feature. Noise-canceling works in a manner to eliminate outside noise by canceling out the targeted soundwaves by producing soundwaves of the same wavelength. 

This feature can be very useful during your workout sessions as a lot of outside noise can pose a distraction, which is not desirable while you are lifting weights as you will need all your focus on that specific task. If you want to focus more on your exercises or you simply enjoy working out in silence, noise-blocking headphones are the thing for you. There might be some downside to buying noise-canceling headphones as they are usually more expensive than the regular ones. Nevertheless, they are a worthy investment.

More Expensive Isn’t Always Better

As we have mentioned before, certain features such as noise-canceling can significantly increase the price of a headphone set. Paying extra money for additional features which can be of utmost significance for a better working out experience is not the same as having an “expensive means it’s better” philosophy. People are generally intent on buying the flashy headphones and the ones that appear to have a better design without checking the specifications beforehand. Not only will this guarantee you don’t get what you were after, but it will also get more money out of your pocket than it is really necessary. 

This is why it is important to do just a little bit of research before heading to your local headphone shop. Be sure to check which set has the best audio quality for a reasonable price. Get it in your head that most companies are just trying to make a profit without investing a lot of money in the quality of their products. There are many quality headphones suitable for workouts that won’t break the bank.

Remember to have a clear vision of what kind of headphones you are after so you don’t end up spending more money than necessary. If you’re still not sure, follow these tips to get a better idea.