How to buy furniture and home furnishings online at a cheap price?

Choosing furniture for the home has to be one of the hardest tasks in the world. You have to find the ones that would not only compliment your home décor but match your budget as well. Moreso often, either of the two criteria goes unsatisfied. As a result, users hold their purchases and wait for sales to pop up so that they can shop and save simultaneously.

Even though retailers have already started coming out  with their season-specific deals, such as Walmart, Costco, Home Depot etc., which have already managed to keep all shoppers on their toes. Moreover, if you have some furniture shopping to sort, you can get 50% off using Ikea coupons during the upcoming Ikea Black Friday sale by Ikea vouchers. These sales promises to help you save up to $200 discount with free curbside pickup as a precaution against COVID-19 infection spread.

Let’s check out some tips and instructions that can help you while shopping for furniture during Black Friday from reputed brands.


  • Introspect if you really need a new one


This is one of the primary methods of saving. Take a look at your existing furniture and see if they can be repaired. If they cannot be repaired, check with the websites if they are running any exchange programs that can reduce the price on your new furniture. A lot of furnishing websites run exchange offers on mattresses, cushions, upholstery, furniture, etc. that can save you a great amount of money on your new purchase.


  • Give preference to online shopping


Yes, we know that pictures can be often misleading and buying furniture online can be problematic. However, if you want to be the owner of a plush and chic sofa set at an affordable price, you must think about online shopping. It is as because online shopping can provide you gazillion discount offers and payment modes at the comfort of your home. Moreover, with the latest technology some brands like Ikea, Home Depot, Wayfair, etc. provide dedicated offers for online shopping. For example, Ikea Black Friday Sale can offer as much as a 40% discount on major furnishings and home décor items!  

With online shopping you can shop whatever you want and whenever you want without the constant nagging from a salesman who has the motive of earning commission through your purchase. You can apply filters of color, budget, style, etc. to reach your desired type of furniture.


  • Consider buying generic brand furniture


Now if you are a regular shopper at websites like Amazon, Home Depot, Wayfair; there are chances that you might have come across furniture from generic brands along with famous brands like Kartell, Ikea, etc. If you want to redesign your home but are in no mood to spend more than your budget, then you can check out the local brands. Go through the customer reviews, star ratings and seller ratings before you finalise your purchase. You will realise that in many cases, you have been paying the “brand premium” over the furniture.


  • Ensure to check out the availability of free shipping


This has to be one of the greatest features that you must look for before you do the final payment. Furniture shopping is a wholesome experience that can be utilised with the help of free shipping offers. A lot of brands put deals on their products but levy heavy charges for shipping and customers often ignore this. Therefore, customers must checkout the facility of free shipping on these websites while they are shopping. Websites like Amazon, Home Depot have various free shipping offers available and Ikea Black Friday sale shall also be offering free shipping across the USA during the offer run.


  • Use cashback application and offers


Different applications like Amazon pay, Drop, etc. have cashback offers that will return you a percentage of your entire bill amount. The cashback starts at 5% and can go as high as 20% on several websites. Do check them out.  Some of these applications have web browser extensions that automatically offer you cashback rewards in the form of coupons, discounts or PayPal cash back. This will help you in saving more while you shop for your desired form of furnishings.


  • Never fall for extended warranty and membership programs


This might come as a shocker but extended warranty over furniture can trick you into spending more money than you ever intended. Moreover, if we think practically, extended warranties are never utilised because the furnishing products are durable and they don’t need it. Extended warranty is just an endless pit where you can throw your money and forget and companies do run these programs because they know 95% of people don’t read terms and conditions and they won’t be using it. Hence, don’t forget to uncheck the extended warranty tick-box before you checkout.


  • Use online methods of payment


Ikea Black Friday sale might offer an additional 5% discount with Amex and Visa credit cards. This however can be a rumour but major furniture brands do offer additional offers through online modes of payment. If you don’t have a credit card, ask for a friend’s and repay them in cash! It is a simple yet effective way of saving and shopping smart. Websites like Amazon do offer additional discounts through card and PayPal payments but they can be tricky if you are not that into digital payment methods. Therefore, try avoiding COD mode no matter how lucrative it might sound for your furniture shopping.


Shopping during COVID-19 has become even more tiresome than it was earlier. Moreover, buying furniture has become even more difficult. However, with the correct guidance of this article and promo codes, discount and other offers, one can fulfil all the desired furnishing expectations at affordable prices. Do check out their platform for more such amazing deals and discounts during Ikea Black Friday sale, Wayfair Doorbuster sales and others.