How to Achieve Different Cultural Vibes When Decorating Houses

Each culture has something very valuable to offer. Cultures have innate, complex values that affect every aspect of our lives. Their foundations have allowed us to become who we are today, affecting how we dress, what we eat, and our lifestyle, among other things. Without the diversity of cultures that exist across the globe, we wouldn’t have attained this amount of knowledge and enlightenment. There is no better way to celebrate the different cultures than by incorporating them into our home decor. 

This is why we are here to tell you how you can achieve different cultural vibes when decorating your home. 


Indian Decor

Indian home decor is easily characterized by colorful and exuberant textiles and silk runners. Use textiles that come in rich and striking colors like red and purple, beautifully ornate with golden threads for your furniture. There are many ethnic patterns and weaves that you can choose from. Using ethnic tea-light candles or diyas is a simple and elegant way to decorate your coffee table. Brass statues, lamps, and urns are also commonly displayed in desi homes. You can also use Rajasthani turbans as plant or table holders and handcrafted patchwork tablecloths or bed covers to give your home an Indian vibe. 

To decorate your walls, you can hang up Madhubani paintings. They incorporate different elements like twigs, natural dyes, matchsticks, and the artist’s fingers, resulting in captivating pieces. Henna is more than just a temporary skin tattoo; it can be used to create intricate murals. Make sure to burn alluring scented candles and incense. 


Asian decor instigates a sense of serenity and tranquility. Many Asian-inspired elements can be brought together to balance the colors and movements of nature and create a relaxing backdrop. Stick to earthly tones like greens, beiges, and browns to create a neutral, harmonious setting. Integrate a hint of rich accent tones like reds, pinks, or purple to give off an oriental feel. The reviews at suggest that incorporating a selection of Asian drapes into your home can also instill an oriental vibe. Experiment with different elements like natural stones, wooden floors, paneling, glass partitions, and bamboo sticks for a cohesive interior. To achieve more harmony and fluidity, consider investing in a reflective pool or a koi pond. You can mix and match different elements of the Asian culture to create graceful fusion. 

Moroccan Decor 

Elements of Arabian nights and bohemian style beautifully blend to create the marvelousness that is Moroccan decor. Moroccan decor is known for its endless arresting mix of vibrant colors. Patterned ottoman poufs, throw pillows, and fringed rugs can be integrated to give off a Moroccan vibe. Different rugs of various patterns, colors, and textures can be layered for a further rendering of Marrakech. Geometric metal lamps and woven baskets can be the unifying elements that your Morrocan-inspired room is missing. 

French Decor

A Parisian-chic touch may just be what your home is missing. French decor is known for its simplicity, stylishness, and timeless elegance. French decor combines sophisticated and elaborate elements ranging from hardwood floors to intricate ceiling molds for a debonair feel. It is all about the celebration and appreciation of architecture. While decorating your home, use elements, such as glittering chandeliers, that draw attention to architectural details. French decor is associated with the admiration of antiques. 

Include vintage decor items like antique mirrors and gramophones in your room. Glamorous and minimalist tones are hallmarks of french decor. Opt for a monochromatic palette with a touch of gold to allow your decor pieces to stand out. You can add hints of pastel hues and floral patterns on your throw pillows or armchair. Use decorative door handles, rolled seat arms, and ornate furniture legs to finish your look. 

African Decor

African decor is recognized for unified elements of magnificent craftsmanship, organic designs, and collaboration of comfort and subtle opulence. Accent tones of dark oranges, hues of brown, deep gold, and the unison of black and gold in geometric art forms are trademarks of African decor. Decorate your home with natural, grounding components of jute, clay, and rattan. Use African safari-style tripoli chairs to make a statement. Finally, adorn your walls with exquisite African art pieces. 

Different cultures have major influences on the interior design world. Each culture has its own decor staples, colors, patterns, and a wide array of furnishing elements. To celebrate your heritage, refer back to this guide to help you incorporate different features of your culture at home.

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