How can we secure kids online using FamiSafe parental control app?

Kids are vulnerable to many things as they are very innocent. Criminally minded people might quickly deceive them. Cybercriminals use social media fake account to manipulate the young and innocent minds of kids. They use them as a tool to accomplish their criminal motives. Smart parents install parental control app on their kid’s phone to safeguard them from these cybercriminals and ensure the safety of kids online. These apps have mobile location tracker features that use real-time GPS to find the exact location of any targeted device. Many cell phone tracker applications are available online these days, which has parental control features. However, the best among them is FamiSafe because it can be used for android cell phone tracking or iPhone location tracking. The application file size is less, so it consumes less space on kid’s phone, making extra space on kid’s phone for other useful apps. These applications allow the parents to monitor the online activities of kids, check call logs, track their live location of kids, and check interaction on social media applications like Whatsapp or Facebook messenger.

Let us know how smart parents can secure and protect our kid’s online using FamiSafe parental control app.

  • Track live location of kids: – Some kids are very naughty, and they have a habit of going to somewhere else in place of school or colleges. They might go for a date in the park or watch a movie in the theatre. Parents who are worried about kids want to know whether or not they are attending their classes in coaching institutes or regular’s classes in school. For this purpose, they use a cell phone tracker app that can track the live location of kids using real-time GPS tracking system.
  • Suspicious photo sharing: – Cybercriminals make a fake profile on social media and ask for nude images of kids for child pornography. Kids are innocent and are often manipulated by these online cyber wolves that use to blackmail them for publishing those images in special media and making them viral. Parents are worried about their kids being bullied by these evil-minded people. FamiSafe app has an unusual photo detection feature that can notify the parents in case of any suspicious sharing of photographs are done from their kid’s phone. Parents can immediately block the recipients and stop the sharing process instantly using the remote device.
  • Block time-consuming games: – Kids love to play games on their smartphones. The download gaming application from play store of an android smartphone or apple stores and spend a lot of valuable study time. This can hamper their study and eventually affect their performance in the examination. To avoid these things, we must block the installation of time-consuming gaming apps on our kid’s phone using FamiSafe app.
  • Check their incoming or outgoing messages: – Kids may interact with random girls online and exchange sexual messages. Parents want to monitor their interaction with the social media account so that they can check the incoming and outgoing messages of their kids. In this way, they can rest assured that their kids are not indulging in bad company.
  • Monitor online activities of kids: – Free access to the internet means access to harmful sites like gambling, porn or drug-selling sites as well. These illegal sites can ruin the future of a child as they might commit cyber-crime unknowingly by visiting these sites. To avoid such things, we must monitor the online activities of kids using FamiSafe app from re\mote device. For this, we can install FamiSafe app on kids smartphone and then grant access to useful and informative sites while restricting the bad sites on kids phone remotely so that it becomes inaccessible to kids phone.

FamiSafe app is the best cell phone tracker app that uses real-time global positioning system. It can detect or find the lost or stolen phone’s location efficiently and set the phone in alarm mode so that it becomes noticeable during the search process. We can check the live location of kids to ensure the safety of kids against kidnappers who are looking after innocent kids to get ransom money from wealthy parents in return. FamiSafe app is easy to use as it has an excellent user interface.