Home Remodels with International Themes in Los Angeles

When you’re remodeling your home, you are faced with several options that can keep you from choosing the most practical one and at the same time, give a sense of pride whenever you get home from work.

A great design will not just make you want to stay in every weekend, your guests will also feel privileged whenever they visit your home. 

International themes have become a trend in Los Angeles and will continue to grow in popularity as they get more appreciated over the years to come.

Here are some international design themes that look great in your home and will make you an envy of your neighborhood and friends.

Paris: Art Deco Style

Originating in Paris in 1925, this is a classic and timeless design that will increase the value of your home without much effort. You can take inspiration from a lot of movies like The Great Gatsby. This is as Parisian as they come.

Expect your home to look historic, elegant, and classy once you’ve implemented this type of interior decoration in your home. Open up the champagne and get ready to relax in style.

Bohemia: A Timeless Rhapsody

Ever entered a “messy” room and thought that it wasn’t messy at all? That’s the magic of Boho design. The right blend of colors and accessories make this design sought after in many urban and rural areas.

It may seem like it’s complete chaos, but you have to pay careful attention to the details of what you put in when aiming for this look. The pieces and their placement should all be designed to provide the complete look.

Europe: Renaissance Beauty

If you’re the type to read classic literature and love to picture the scene in your head, then you can elevate your reading room to a whole new level with European-inspired design. 

There’s nothing compared to the effect of having formal and plush designs that just works. Its sophisticated beauty is something that will immediately make one feel great about the space they are in.

Hollywood: The Glitz and Glamour

If you love seeing movies and are obsessed with the lifestyle of celebrities, you can make the design work for kitchen remodeling in Los Angeles. Pick out the accents that are often seen in the greatest films. Colors like red, purple, and blue will make your room pop out and become your stage.

And for full effect, get a red carpet so that you can feel like a celebrity whenever you walk in any room.

Japan: Oriental Mindset

One thing that Japan has influenced us in design is that form follows function. You don’t necessarily need Japanese inscriptions in your rooms to follow that design trend.

Pick out clean and minimalist decorations, furniture, and appliances to get a full effect for kitchen renovations. Just remember to keep ninjas at bay.

There are plenty of options for your interior home. Just look around and you can find inspiration from everything. Do make sure though that you pick out ones in good taste without going overboard. 

Khuwalid Khalid
Khuwalid Khalid
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