Home improvement projects to tackle before you move in

Buying a new house is an exciting experience! It marks the beginning of a new chapter in your life. However, after the entire purchase process is finished, and you start planning your relocation, stop for a moment to think about home improvement projects to tackle before you move in. Unless you are buying a hew house from the market, there are some changes you will have to make!

Change the locks on all doors

This step is mandatory. The house had other occupants before you, and you never know who has the spare key. By changing the locks on all doors, you will sleep better.

Furthermore, this is also a good idea if the house has outdated locks. You can buy better models and make a substantial transformation with this quick change! Besides changing the locks, there are a plethora of DIY projects of all types you can do to improve your living space.

If any walls need a paint job, do it now!

Some houses on the market need a paint job, while more expensive ones were probably remodeled before being placed on the listing. Before you move into the new place, check if any walls need a fresh look.

A brush for painting walls
Painting walls is a messy job, so do it before you move all your belongings in the house

If they do, do not think about moving in just because you are exhausted before you paint the walls. This is so much easier to do while there is no furniture inside. First, you don’t have to move everything out or to the center of the room. Second, no need to protect your belongings; they are not in the house. Third, and the best reason is that you have extra space to paint the walls without having furniture blocking the area.

After you are finished, you can start by slowly moving everything in and working on beautifying the interior design of your house.

Upgrade electrical fixtures

When buying a house, it is crucial to check when was the last time the electrical fixtures were replaced. Some homes have not seen a good remodel for 10 to 15 years. If that is the case with the place you bought, the electrical wiring might be a health hazard, not only for you but for the neighbors as well. That’s why upgrading electrical fixtures is one of the most important home improvement projects to tackle before you move in. That’s why upgrading electrical fixtures by an electrician in Currumbin is one of the most important home improvement projects to tackle before you move in.

A water pipe tightly squeezed with two wrenches
Faulty electrical fixtures are a health hazard

A professional electrician will do all the repairs and install new outlets within a day or two. Waiting with the move-in is a small price to pay compared to what you get in return.

What’s the condition of the floor in the rooms?

This should be checked when inquiring about the place. However, some houses make a good deal even if the floor needs to be replaced.

This is another home improvement that’s much easier to do without moving in all the boxes. There’s going to be a lot of mess and cleaning afterward, so save yourself the hassle, do it the easy way!

Clean the entire place

This goes without saying, but cleaning the entire home top to bottom before moving in is simply a must! Not only that, but it would be good to clean your carpets and other items that got dirty during the relocation by Flood services.

Furthermore, pay special attention to the windows and the ceiling. Everything you will need is a box of rags, cleaning solvent, mops, and a couple of helping hands. It is a bit tedious, but it is cheap and necessary, so think smart and do everything you think of before moving in.

Pest control for a healthy and clean environment

If you have pests or insects in your new house, the smartest move is to get rid of them before you unpack all the boxes. It is easier to notice them, and you are removing the possibility of pests getting inside your things.

It will be a lot harder to take care of them if you have to check all the items in your home instead of tracking them in an empty house.

Have in mind that you have to wait a few hours, sometimes even days before you can come in after the pest control is done. Pesticides are hazardous, so plan this project on time.+

Remember to plan the relocation based on the date you can move in. Do not relocate all your belongings and then put them into storage until the place is ready. You are just wasting money due to not being organized. To avoid that, reach out to the experts at Purple Heart Moving Group and let them help you organize the entire relocation for the dates you need.

Plumbing fixtures

The last item on the list of home improvement projects to tackle before you move in is taking care of all the plumbing issues inside the house.

  • leaking or rusty pipes
  • installing new appliances, like a water heater or a dishwasher
  • fixing issues with valves around the place
  • taking care of the bathroom plumbing, like replacing a toilet seat or remodeling the bathtub or the shower
  • installing new showerheads

Caption: If you can take care of any plumbing issues before you move in, use it!

Alt: A water pipe tightly squeezed with two wrenches.

Furthermore, have the plumber check all the drains and the sewer line for potential clogs. It is a smart move to finish all of this without risking the safety of all your furniture, electrical appliances, and clothes.

Key takeaways for home improvement projects to tackle before you move in

The good news is, your home probably does not need all of these things fixed. Even if you have issues with only an item or two from this list, make sure to complete them on time. Having an “I’ll do it later, let me move in first” attitude is not a good way of thinking. With that being said, let’s finish this helpful guide in the style of the great Gordon Ramsay; Home improvement projects to tackle before you move in – done!

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