Hearth & Home: How Much Tax You Must Pay for an Inherited House?

The ancient people in Oriental civilizations had already practiced the inheritance system. The mos prevalent culture is the patrilineal inheritance, wherein only the male member in the family shall inherit the property. Meanwhile, some cultures have matrilineal inheritance customs that consider females as the rightful heir. 

As time changes, today’s society follows the egalitarian inheritance, which means either the male or female of the family shall inherit the deceased’s properties. Commonly, one of the properties that the heir inherits is the house and lot. However, inheriting something, especially a house, entails lengthy legal procedures and unfamiliar jargon that can be stressful at times.

Furthermore, when you inherit a house, the government will impose an applied tax on your inherited property. With that said, to shed light on this topic, below are the kinds of government taxes you have to pay and the approximate amount it would cost. 

Inheritance Tax

Inheriting something from a deceased person isn’t a happy-ever-after ending because you might pay an inheritance task. The inheritance tax is charged tax to the property that will be inherited by the spouse or someone.

Thus, an online home-selling platform like Sundae will help you thoroughly read the tax information and will enlighten and guide you along the process. Especially in the world’s state right now.

The inheritance tax you will have to pay after inheriting an asset depends on its value, and the tax that will be charged is based on the state’s inheritance policy. For example, if you’re residing in a state that charges 5% tax for a $3 million and above asset, you must pay. However, if the house only costs less than the taxable value, you don’t have to pay an inheritance tax. 

Note that only six states in the U.S. charge inheritance tax: Iowa, Kentucky, Maryland, Nebraska, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. 

Estate Tax

An estate tax is the levy of the deceased assets to the federal government. Before the estates are justly distributed to different recipients stated in the will, the asset will have to pay itself. Together with other state governments, the federal government assesses and calculates the levies according to the estate’s fair market value (FMV). 

Like the inheritance tax, if the estate exceeds the law’s limit, the inheritor must pay an estate tax, and if the total value is lesser, he will not have to pay. 

Home Renovations: Increasing the Value of Your Inherited House

Indeed, the applied tax on your inherited house can be heavy to your pocket. That’s why most people who have inherited a house sell it at a higher yet reasonable price to profit. Besides, to increase your inherited house’s value in the market, your house must undergo extreme home renovation to entice potential buyers. Hence, below are some of the home renovation ideas that escalate the value of your house. 

  • Repainting

Right to all, no one likes to live in a plain, old, dull, and gloomy house. Therefore, before you welcome potential buyers, impress them with newly painted walls and corners that speak interior design’s cohesiveness. You can apply color schemes, such as rustic, modern, black, metallic, or playful and vibrant colors. 

  • Install Smart Gadgets

Smart gadgets installed at home make lives more comfortable. It includes television, thermostat, garage door opener, etc. These smart gadgets are a great addition to the house as they increase the property’s value and integrity, which will entice the buyer. 

  • Amplify the Outdoors

The outdoors is as important as the indoors, too, since it’s the first portion of the house where visitors see and walkthrough. Amplifying the outdoors involves regular lawn maintenance and keeping the verdant and estival landscape. Further, placing some useful garden ornaments, such as parasols, bird fountains, etc., enliven the outdoors. 

  • Remodel the Kitchen

Another vital area in the house that needs renovation is the heart of the home or the kitchen. Food preparation happens, and the dining experience takes place during special occasions and simple daily meals. Also, upgrading the kitchen cabinets and drawers into sturdy or stainless steel material is an excellent beginning for home renovation. 

  • Upscale the Bathroom

The bathroom is one of the areas in the house wherein comfort and tranquility reside. 

Since water splashes and spills are inevitable in the bathroom, water-resistant cabinets, drawers, etc., protect the bathroom essentials from being drenched in water. The water-resistant materials keep the bathroom essentials like toothbrushes and towels from water, which can become a breeding ground for fast-growing microorganisms that can be harmful to the body. 

  • Replace Old Flooring with New Ones

The flooring in your house also determines the holistic look of your home. Although hardwood flooring – the traditional flooring – will never be out of style, putting up something that’s out of the box paves the way for innovative home renovation. You can replace the old ones with marble or granite flooring (though it can be costly) or an economical material like laminated flooring. 


As almost everyone thinks, inheriting a property is a massive blessing landing on your lap. Especially if you’ve been renting your home in the past. Though it comes with different things like mentioned above, educating yourself is nice steps to stand on your own. If your cash inflow is not that great, there’s still tax tips for people who are low income. In a nutshell, as the inheritor of the house, you now should maintain its physical attributes and preserve the sentimental value that has been molded through the years. Moreover, it has become your responsibility to keep for your lineage’s future generations so that your family’s legacy still kindles amid the fleeting time. 

Muhammad Haseeb
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