Five Ways to Create Statement-Making Accents Walls

No doubt, time is changing, and similarly are people’s preferences and choices for aesthetics. Either it is about choosing a dress for a wedding or decorating a house or an office. In everything, the taste of people has considerably evolved. They want all the things to be different and classy in a way that reflects the modern touch. That is why they always root for the latest and trendy styles to mark their presence. Similarly, when it comes to renovating the house or working area, people can go up to any limit. 

Indeed, these two are the places where people spend most of their time. That is why one has to be very particular and selective while choosing furniture, wall colors, and art for their home or workplace. It would not be wrong to say that, because these things have a dominant impact on one’s mind. Meanwhile, with these advancements, architectural trends have promptly changed. Gone are the days when walls with red color bricks were in so much. Now the accent walls are the latest trend. They are classy, attractive, and creative, with a statement piece hanging over it as per one’s choice.

It is one of the easiest ways to bring a notable change to your abode. You do not need to have a high budget as it does not require a lot of money. Several ways are there by which one can design an accent wall. Like, some love to paint the wall with bright colors like red or yellow. Similarly, wall map art is a popular choice among people these days. One can also customize them by adding the countries, design, and frames of their interests.

Here in this article, we will discuss a few ways to help you make statement accent walls.

What Are Statement Accent Walls?

Before jumping onto the ideas on creating such kinds of walls, let’s discuss accent walls’ meaning. There are a lot of people who do not know when it comes to making an accent wall. These are the walls that are also known as interior or feature walls. They are different from the other remaining walls of the room, located usually at the front. One can design them in vibrant colors, statement pieces, and hangings.

How To Create Statement Accent Walls?

As we discussed earlier, there are various ways to build the statement accent wall in his favorite room. Some people make this wall in their living area to grab the attention of guests. Meanwhile, others love to make them in their bedrooms, which is their little universe. Well, stylish and creative ways are waiting for you to amplify the drama on your accent walls. So, let’s review all these creative ideas in a minimum budget to give a new touch to your walls.

Go For Vibrant Colors



While talking about the ideas in which one can create an accent wall is to play with colors. Yes, you heard it right. It is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to opt for without spending a lot of bucks. Most of the people choose the color as per their taste and interest. But at the same time, it is essential to pick the color that compliments the other walls’ color. Plus, it can steal the room’s charm completely, so always go for the color that matches your furniture and bring a new vibe to the place. One can also root for the deep, bright color for an overwhelming touch, especially in the living area. But whatever the color you choose, it must go with other hues of the dwelling.

Choose Contemporary Wallpapers



One of the coolest ways to add life and color to your space is to go for a statement wall. These feature walls are trending these days, and a large number of people are replacing their boring walls with them. For those who do not like to experiment with bold colors can go for the wallpapers. They are of various designs, shapes, and colors, and textures. The other good thing about them is that they are easy to apply and do not need special assistance. So, here you can adorn your wall with striking patterns to feel fresh in your old house. Such wallpapers include vintage styles, plastic-coated wallpapers, fabric ones, etc. They are removable, so one can remove them whenever they want to change their interior wall’s look.


Uber Cool Wall Panels


People who can beyond any limit to make a striking change to their place should opt for it. Such an idea is a bit expensive, but completely worth the money that one would not regret it. Go for the wood panels for a sophisticated look at your house. The veneer is the choice that goes perfectly with a warm color. On the other hand, 3D or floral prints with hanging lights can also give an ambient look.


For The Love Of Art


Every time it is not necessary to choose between colors and wallpapers. People who hold a special place for art should ponder this idea. The feature wall can also create by placing an oversize painting in your dining area or bedroom. Most of the people love to spend millions of dollars on these paintings. So, without wasting a minute, get your hands on your favorite art pieces and place it on your interior wall.


Make A Gallery Wall


Well, it is one of the exciting ways to go for without taking a minute. Everyone loves to capture their favorite moments with their loved ones. So, now it is time to utilize them uniquely. Select a wall and place all your beautiful pictures on it in golden or black frames. In this way, you can make a feature wall having all your great memories.


There is no hidden fact that decorating a home or workplace is a tedious task. Such places require rapid changes as one gets bored with the same old wall colors. Hence, instead of spending all your life savings, ponder these mentioned ideas and create an accent wall in your space. In this manner, with minimum creativity, you can bring a noteworthy change to your place.

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