Five key pieces of safety equipment for a house renovation

Renovating a house can be a hazardous process. Whether you are a professional property developer or renovating your own home – many projects require jobs that can be dangerous if the right steps aren’t taken in preparation. One of these steps includes investing in the appropriate safety equipment to protect yourself from flying objects or dust during demolition or other renovation tasks. So, what are the key pieces of safety equipment needed for a property renovation?

Safety Glasses

An essential piece of personal protective equipment to wear during any hazardous renovation project is safety eyewear. Glasses, goggles or full-face masks are crucial for any demolition, removal or tasks where harmful chemicals are involved. They help to protect your eyes from any splashes, flying objects and anything else that can harm your eyes during your project.


Dust Mask

Again, where any demolition or unit removal is involved – there will be significant amounts of dust and other potentially harmful particles floating around. Breathing dust in can cause serious illness and cause long-term health complications, particularly for your lungs. A certified dust mask or respirator will mitigate these risks and should stop you inhaling large amounts of dust during a task.

Protective Footwear

Another essential piece of safety equipment for your project is sturdy and protective footwear. A renovation site can be littered with loose nails, glass or have loose fixtures and fittings that could fall. Protective footwear helps to protect your feet from these hazards and should be worn at all times when in and around your property.

Hard Hat

For more drastic property renovations, perhaps where structural work is being done, head protection will be extremely important while on site. Hard hats can reduce the risk of serious injury from falling objects such as ceilings or struts, so ensure you wear one if your property is in serious disrepair.

Protective Gloves

Finally, gloves are important for any tasks where corrosive or dangerous substances are being used. Protective gloves can assist you in the demolition process where the risk of splinters or sharp materials is heightened. Hand injuries can be very disruptive to your project plans, so protecting your hands is a smart move.

These are the key pieces of safety equipment that you should be investing in before you start any property renovation. Preparing adequately will help you to mitigate the risks of injury or illness and help you to complete your project on time. Buying quality PPE is always recommended because they will give you the best levels of protection and should last you many years to come.

Humna Chaudhary
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