Five Best Pencil Sharpener of 2020

The 21st century might be the digital age in which everything happens on a screen, but some things are better traditional.

For instance, writing with a pencil and sharpening the pencil still has its charm and need. However, things have evolved as well; for example, now there are electronic sharpeners, which sounds ridiculous? But it isn’t, they’re quite fun to use. 

Here are some of the best pencil sharpeners you can buy in 2020. We have included both manual and electric sharpeners to help you choose as per your preference.

Prismacolor Pencil Sharpener

This is the perfect sharpener for any artist who makes use of a pencil to create their art piece or child who goes to school and uses color pencils. The sharpener has two blades to sharpen the pencil nip to perfection and a see-through body that you can quickly tell whenever it is full.


 X-ACTO sharpener

This heavy-duty sharpener has six different holes in it. It is electric, but the motor of this sharpener is entirely silent. The sharpener automatically removes the pencil away once the nip of the pencil is sharp enough. It is the perfect sharpener for an office desk or a home study desk.



Do you use your pencil just anywhere and everywhere? Then you need this sharpener with you if you don’t want to cause a mess. The metal blade helps you sharp a pointed pencil nip, and the sharpening mess stays inside the container until you unscrew it to clean.  It can be used by all age individuals and can accommodate almost all sizes of pencils. 

It has a simple design, does the job correctly, and is economically priced.


X-ACTO Ranger 1031

Every 90s kid surely remembers it from their school day as it was a part of every classroom back then. It has a metal construction and can withstand a substantial volume of sharpening, which makes it durable and reliable. It is perfect for classrooms or offices where it can be mounted onto the wall or desk. It can be used on eight different pencil sizes and will sharpen each pencil’s nip correctly.


Office good electric & Battery Operated Pencil Sharpener.

This is the perfect sharpener for every artist out there. It allows a person to choose what type of nip they would like their pencil to be sharpened. It can be sharp, blunt, or medium. If you are someone who likes sharpened nip accuracy, this sharpener will give you exact results each time. It is environmental-friendly and accident preventing mechanisms (the sharpener stops working each time tray is removed). It surely is the best electric sharpener out there.


A pencil sharpener is a once bought accessory by offices and classrooms. So choose one that can take the load and work flawlessly. However, for parents looking to buy a sharpener for their kid’s school accessory, make sure it is safe and easy to use. 

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