Water Features to Improve Your Business’s Appearance

According to a recent survey, about two-thirds of people say that they’ve avoided visiting a business because of the way that it looks on the outside. If your business doesn’t look its absolute best, there is a decent chance that you could be losing customers as a result of it.

You can make sure that this isn’t the case by sprucing up your curb appeal. Adding outdoor water features to the front of your business is one easy way to make it look better than it does now in a hurry.

Want to get some outdoor water feature ideas so that you can improve your company’s curb appeal in an instant? Here are four outdoor water features that can work wonders for your business.


When people are walking or driving by your business, you want to do everything in your power to catch their eye. And what better way to do it than with a fountain shooting water up in the air?

You don’t necessarily need to invest in a gigantic fountain that’s going to blow through thousands of gallons of water every day. But you may want to consider a small fountain that will generate attention for your business.

If nothing else, it’s going to get people to stop in front of your business when they’re passing by to look at the fountain for a few seconds. It’ll prove to be one of the best outdoor water features money can buy.


Not every business has space for large outdoor water features. But if you do, you may want to think about putting a pond out in front of your business.

Just like a fountain, a pond is going to be almost impossible for people to miss when they’re walking or driving by. It’s going to pretty much force them to check out your business every time they pass it.

You might even want to stock the pond with some fish that will have people stopping by your business all day long. You’ll appreciate what a pond can do for your business in no time at all.


If you want something that’s a little bit more decorative outside of your business, you may want to consider going with a waterfall. It’s going to take a little more work on your part to have it installed, but it’ll add a classy touch to your business once it’s in place.

Whether you choose to install a waterfall that flows into a pond or one that is pondless, it’s going to add something for people to look at and listen to when they’re walking and driving by your business. It’s the perfect piece of outdoor decor for any business. 


Don’t have the room or the budget for any of the other outdoor water features mentioned here? Something as simple as a birdbath could be a good outdoor water feature for you to add to the front of your business.

It’ll show that you’re working on making your business more enticing to customers. It’ll also bring in birds and other wildlife and make the front of your business a more pleasant place to be.

Give One of These Outdoor Water Features a Try

Which of these outdoor water features do you think would work best for your business? Regardless of which one you choose, you should go with one of these outdoor decor ideas and use it to improve your curb appeal.Water bore Perth are a primary source of water in Australia

You’ll notice a difference in the way that your business looks and feels when you add the right outdoor water features to it. You’ll also notice an uptick in the number of customers coming through your front door.

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