Everything You Need to Know About Garden Storage Sheds

Gardening is one of the most exciting activities a homeowner can take up. Not only does it help upgrade the curb appeal of a home, but vegetable gardening also helps ensure you are consuming fresh, green produce free from toxic chemicals and pesticides. As if that’s all, the activity also keeps you active and healthy.

But then again, gardening comes with certain responsibilities from The shed man. For instance, you need to safely and securely store your gardening equipment, tools, and supplies somewhere away from the main parts of your home. For anyone who made the right guess, this is where a garden shed comes in handy. Since it’s a structural addition to your property, a garden shed helps boost the value of your home while also adding convenience and enhancing safety. However, all this depends on several factors, some of which will be covered in this article. Below are a few points that cover literally everything you need to know about garden storage sheds.


1. Design Matters 

Like any other building in your compound, you don’t want a storage shed that will make your property plan look absurd. When buying or building your own garden storage shed, you should make sure that the design and coloring look the same as the rest of the buildings in your home or commercial premises compound. In other words, the folks at designersheds.com.au recommend, it is best to choose a design that complements what you already have in your compound. Design is as important as the usefulness of the shed. You don’t want to have a garden storage unit that makes your property look unplanned and odd. The design and color you choose should enhance the look and feel of your property, thus improving its value.

2. Quality Is Key 

Most people tend to focus more on the pricing of a storage unit. But being an outdoor unit, it should be of great quality for it to survive the different weather conditions. Most garden storage units are made of wood. Versions made from more durable materials are, however, available to choose from depending on your preferences and budget. When building or buying your storage unit, it’s necessary to be keen on the material being used. This way, you will be getting something that you are sure will serve its purpose long enough. Simply, let the pricing be your last consideration when getting this storage unit for your garden—major on quality and a long-lasting building.

3. Blending Into Your Landscape

When getting an outdoor building, whether it’s a storage shed or for any other purpose, you must consider how it blends into your surrounding landscape. It is supposed to serve its purpose and fit into whatever already exists within your property. Landscaping is always important to property owners when getting storage sheds for their property. This could mean leveling the surface onto which the shed will go and growing plants around it to create an appealing look. For instance, you can create garden beds around it to get that appraising look.

4. You Should Know the Zoning Laws 

Every city or region has some zoning laws that govern what size your shed should be. If your shed is going to be regular-sized, that might not be quite a problem. If, however, you want a big shed, you must visit the authorities and know what local zoning regulations they have in place. Most local laws will have it that your shed should be 120 square feet and placed at least 3 feet from the property line.

Also, if you belong to any homeowner’s association, you should check to see what laws they have in place. These laws will also include the maximum height your shed should be. You don’t want to get yourself an expensive shed and find out that you are breaking certain zoning laws.

5. Materials Used 

Storage units come in different siding and wall materials. The most common ones are made of wood, metal, and plastic. Wooden sheds usually require maintenance, such as repainting and constant replacement of parts. As for metal sheds, the main perk is that once painted, they may take longer to require repainting. You will want to ensure the paint is not scratched, as this may lead to corrosion. Other parts, such as the doors, usually wear out with time. Plastic sheds require the least maintenance. They are, however, expensive to repair if damaged.

garden storage

A garden storage shed can be a valuable addition to your home. It gives you extra space for your handy tools and equipment while allowing you to put your green thumb into action. Above are just a few basic things that you ought to know regarding garden storage sheds.


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