Leaving a place unattended can cause many things to stink and rot, but the same can happen to a spot where you spend all your time, like your home. People who usually don’t know how to look after a house or can’t manage the things they bring into it, from a pet to edible items. Once things become unbearable, all they can think about is coming up with ways to eliminate that intolerable smell.

Luckily for you, you are not alone in this, as many other inexperienced individuals seek the same advice. They also wish for their house to have a pleasing fragrance that mesmerizes everyone who visits it. And to be honest, the ideas to make that happen aren’t very difficult if you put your mind to the task. All you need is a little dedication and deliberate effort towards getting it done.

Besides, once you are through, not only yourself but the people who come over frequently would feel more comfortable being at your place. Plus, you can confidently invite others to your house, whether it’s for a party or corporate dinner, even if it’s just to make an impression or get in their good books. So if you were looking for any motivation, this was all you need. Did you know? Philadelphia, Pennsylvania’s largest city, is notable for its rich lifestyle, and the residents are quite particular about the cleanliness of their streets.

Now, if you have recently moved into the city, here are some useful ways to make your home smell great without breaking a sweat. Pick the ones that you feel you can easily set into motion and get on it today.


Dispose off the Garbage


Start by eliminating the sources spoiling the environment of your house. Without it, even if you clean every corner of it, you still won’t be satisfied with your efforts.

Undisposed garbage is the most common cause that’s polluting your surroundings. Get on it yourself or reach out to the services for junk removal in Philadelphia to take care of it for you. You can start feeling the difference the moment you take care of that garbage.


Work on Proper Ventilation


Next, look into the ventilation system of your house. A problem that most people face even without having significant sources of smell is that the odors settle in the surroundings. They can last like that for days and get mixed with the scent of other stuff brought in, resulting in a very unpleasant environment.

All this happens if you don’t have adequate ventilation, so make sure that you keep the windows open, let lots of air in and out, and work on adding ventilation ducts to your house. It will make sure that if your home isn’t fragrant, then at least it isn’t stinking either.


Use Powerful & Fragrant Cleaners


The regular options can get the job done for you, but if you are interested, then some products in the market take care of your cleaning and leave a pleasing fragrance behind them. Try to use them instead while wiping surfaces so that you don’t have to take additional measures besides cleaning.

In case you have pets, use ammonia-based cleaners to keep them from spreading their mess around the house. That way, it will be easier for you to manage them.


Make Home-Made Cleaners


If you don’t have the company products or don’t trust them, then no problem. You can always set yourself to the task and make some home-made cleaners that can get the job done as efficiently.

Use of baking soda while vacuuming is one of the oldest tricks in the book to get rid of all smells. Spread it around and let it sit for a couple of hours before cleaning it up for the best results.

Similarly, you can use vinegar and lemon to create a strong surface cleaner for those platforms, tables, and windows. Let it sit on the surface for a couple of hours before cleaning it to let it conquer all the polluting odors.


Manage Alternate Sources of Smell


There might be some stuff that’s being mishandled and causing your house to smell. Common examples of these are your refrigerator, laundry, shoes, sinks, and baths. If you don’t attend them as you should, other efforts might solve the visible problems, but won’t eliminate the underlying cause.

Empty the fridge and give it a thorough clean every once in a while, especially when you know that some edible item was rotting in it. Never let your laundry items, sheets, and towels, lie around for too long to give them a chance to pollute the environment. Depending on the material of your shoes, either put them up for washing or find yourself a deodorizer to keep them fragrant. 

Lastly, make sure that the washroom, kitchen, and basement floors aren’t moist, because that might be causing them to stink. Remember to flush some hot water down your drains to clean them from residues and grease. These will help maintain that soothing aroma around your home.


Spread Sources of Fragrances


You can find many items in these times that can help set a fragrant aroma without you consciously trying to achieve that. Scented candles and wax melts are what most people use to have that effect around the house. If not that, then you can also incense sticks. The idea might be ancient, but it works wonders for those trying it out.

Besides them, there’s also the use of essential oils that is growing popular. You can put them in diffusers or air vents to spread a soothing smell. Scented cotton balls or dryers sheets are another option to consider if you feel inclined towards the idea.

And if none of that, then you can rely on nature to get the job for you. Plants are natural beautifiers and sources of mesmerizing scents if you place them around your home. So have your pick to make your house smell great.


These were some practical ways to make your home smell amazing and pleasant and please yourself and the people who visit you. Work on these things actively, and you will find out that it isn’t a very challenging task, after all. All you need is the right knowledge on how to work your way through them and some useful products to help you, and you are all set.

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