Effective tips on choosing the right moving company

Moving houses is a tedious task. It requires a lot of time, patience, and care. If there is a lot of packing to do, the best option is to hire a removalist company instead of stressing yourself out. Most people who attempt packing and moving all on their end up with damaged goods by the time they reach their new house. Some pieces of furniture or appliances require extreme care during the move. They must be packed professionally in bubble wraps and what not to keep them protected. 

If you are unprofessional and have never moved before, it is best to leave this task in the hands of an affordable and reliable removalist. They will not only perform the task efficiently and quickly, but they will also ensure the safety of your goods. You need to choose the right moving company in order to move houses efficiently. 


Avoiding scams

Most people are super skeptical about moving companies because, at some point in our lives, all of us have heard about or come across such removalists who take advantage of their customers by damaging their goods, or even stealing them in some cases. A lot of people face such scams and often get overcharged for the service. The only way to tackle this problem is to conduct a background check on the moving company you hired.

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Types of moving companies

There are different types of moving companies you can choose from. Take a look at the information mentioned below to make a sound decision for yourself. 

1. Local moving company

Such local moving companies only handle short distance moving. It is usually used by people when they are moving to another neighborhood of the same city. Such moving companies use cargo trucks. There is one driver accompanied by at least two workers. The staff helps the customer to load the truck, move to the new location, and unpack all the items. 

2. Interstate moving company

This is an interesting way to experience packing and moving houses. The self-pack interstate moving company is often referred to as the DIY removals. Such moving companies provide the customer with a big old shipping container. The customer has to pack and load the container on their own. The company will then pick up the packed container and move it interstate. The customer will receive the container at their new location, and they will carry out the unpacking. When the unpacking is done, the company’s staff will show up to collect the container. This type of moving company is the best for people on a budget. Since the packing and unloading are done by the customer, the company costs a reasonable amount for carrying out transportation only. 

3. Full service

If you really despise packing, leave this task in the hands of a full-service moving company. Such companies show up at the customer’s house with their packing materials and they pack, load, and unpack all on their own. The customer just sits back and relaxes. 

What moving company is reliable?

If you have picked the type of moving company, you must now verify their reliability by following the tips mentioned below. 

1. Demand for personal details

You need to demand the company to give up their personal details. If they comply, it is a good sign. An honest company uploads such details on their website as well. Ask for their bank details, email address, phone number, address, and ABN.

2. Get a quote

You must always request a quote from the moving company. They must inform the customer of the total cost of the service, additional fees, terms and conditions, moving time, etc. 

3. Reviews

You must pay special attention to online reviews. Customer feedback is the only way to find out whether the company is reliable or not. If the company has a lot of positive reviews and their previous customers are completely satisfied with the services as well as the attitude of the staff, it is safe to say that you can rely on such removalists.

4. Conversing with the staff

Call up the moving company. Have a conversation with the workers, ask them questions, and judge them from their attitude.

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