DIY Bath Plug: The Economical Solution

You won’t use your bathtub every day. You’ll most probably use it after a hard day or on weekends. 

But if your bath plug breaks down and you don’t have the budget to replace it with a new one. Then you can make a DIY bath plug. 


Here are some ways you can stop the water in the bathtub from draining

  1. Plastic  cup 

For this, you will only need the spare coffee cup or pod that you don’t use anymore. Simply place the pot on the drain and turn on the tap; if the water retains, then your job is done, but if not, then you might have to use a tape or rubber band to make the seal stronger. It is not necessary that you use a pod or coffee cup. You can use any plastic cup-shaped object that you have lying around. If nothing, then you can get a medicine cup. It will surely do the job. 


  1. Plumber putty 

Suppose the problem with your bath plug is that it isn’t fixing correctly. Then this is your solution. Keep the plug on the drain and seal it with plumber putty. The plumber putty is a great and affordable temporary solution that will last you a few months. 


  1. Lid 

There are various sizes of jars. If you have an empty jar, then don’t throw it away yet! If the jar’s lid is the exact size of the bath drain, you can use it as a bath plug. It may require some effort to fix it, but once it’s done, no water will get drained until you pull the plug out. If you don’t have a cap, you can buy some online. They will cost you less than a bath plug. 


  1. Toilet plunger 

First off, clean the toilet plunger thoroughly with soap. Then put the plunger on the drain and press it down until it is sealed. Remove the rod and enjoy your bath. If you want to remove the plunger easily, let the rod sit, and you can lie down at the other side of the tub. 


These economical options will last you a few months until you can save some money each month and get the bath plug replaced. 

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