Designer or Decorator – What’s The Difference

The professions of decorators and interior designers are often confused, considering that they are the same. In fact, there is also another quite significant difference between the painters and decorators in London. What does a designer do, and what does a decorator do, and how to determine which of these professions to choose?

What Does an Interior Designer Do?

A person bought an apartment or a house or rented a room to open a store (office) in it. However, while this building has only uncomfortable bare walls, what to do? That’s right – to hire an interior designer.

Here’s What The Designer Does:

  • Selects the style of interior decoration: European, loft, hi-tech, or any other, by the goals and desires of the owners of the home. Decides in what colors the apartment will be decorated. Draws a design sketch.
  • Creates a design project, including drawings with diagrams of utilities, lighting, plans for the location of furniture and plumbing. You may have to break walls, transforming a three-room apartment into a studio, install partitions or change the place of doorways – all this is decided by the designer.
  • Develops 3-D visualization in a computer program so that the customer can see how the premises will look after renovation.
  • Selects building and finishing materials, plumbing, wallpaper – that is, everything you need for repair. The designer’s task is to find materials that are ideally suited to the style, as well as fit in the price of the client’s budget.
  • Sometimes he carries out architectural supervision: he makes sure that the team of workers strictly follows the project he has created. To do this, he regularly travels to the construction site.
  • The work of the designer can be considered complete when the renovation is finished. It is then that the decorator enters the scene.

What Does An Interior Decorator do?

Decorating is the final touch, emphasizing the integrity and harmony of the interior. The task of the decorator is to create an aesthetically complete image, taking into account the purpose of the room and the client’s tastes.

This is What The Decorator Does:

  • Develops the concept of decoration (in the form of a college or layout).
  • Selects interior items: furniture, curtains, paintings, lamps, dishes, floral arrangements, and accessories. These things should be combined in color and style, creating a single composition within the overall concept of decor.
  • Orders the necessary items and accessories. The decorator should know well where to buy antique or fashionable furniture, have contacts from both domestic and foreign suppliers.
  • If required, develops the author’s sketches of decorative elements: forged products, lamps, stained-glass windows, etc. From these sketches, craftsmen will then create exclusive items. Artistic wall painting is also the work of a decorator.
  • Arranges interior items by the concept created by him. Finds every item, right down to the little vase on the shelf, its ideal place.
  • A decorator can decorate not only residential buildings but also shop salons, banquet halls, places for photography and filming.
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