Decorate You Home with Diamond Paintings – Tips and Tricks

Diamond Painting is the hobby of the moment. It is not only a lot of fun to do, but also has a calming effect. In addition, Diamond Painting has many different collections. Think of prints with animals , flowers , landscapes or even a Diamond Painting with your own photo!  Of course you want to get started with your artwork as soon as possible. But how does Diamond Painting actually work? The instructions below will tell you exactly how to get started and what to look for for a great end result. Are you ready for it?

How does diamond painting work?

What’s in a Diamond Painting Package?

To get off to a good start, it is useful to know what is included in your Diamond Painting Netherland Package. Below you will find a clear list of materials:

Diamond Painting Pen: with this you pick up the stones from the tray so that you can easily stick them on the canvas.

Diamond Painting Tweezers: with this you can pick up or move stones. For example if you want to press them a bit straighter on the canvas.

Wax : you need the wax to make the stones stick to the Diamond Painting Pen. 

Stones : stick the stones onto the canvas using the pen. They contain a number that corresponds to a specific place on the Diamond Painting canvas.

Tray : with the tray you can keep stones of one color together and you can easily sort them.

Diamond Painting Canvas: this is the canvas with your chosen print on which you will stick the stones.

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Paint Color

Step-by-Step Diamond Painting

Of course you would prefer to start as soon as possible with your newly arrived Diamond Painting. Still, it is good to make some preparations. This way you will soon be able to work undisturbed with this fun hobby. On the basis of this step-by-step plan you know exactly which order to follow, and you can start immediately. 

Provide a stable surface that is spacious enough for your broderie diamant. It is also nice if this is a place that you can use undisturbed for a certain period of time. As a result, you do not have to store your belongings every time. A desk, dining or kitchen table with adequate lighting is often an excellent basis.

Carefully unpack the box and put all the products on the table. Roll out the canvas and determine which color stones you would like to start with. Starting at the bottom is the most ideal. Then place these diamonds in the supplied tray.

Remove a piece of the plastic covering the canvas. Never remove more than the space you need to paste. Pick up the pen, dip the tip in the supplied wax and then press it on the round part of the stone.

Stick the stone in the right place on the canvas. Make sure the number on the canvas matches the number on the stone. You continue like this until all stones are used and your Diamond Painting is finished.

3 Diamond Painting Tips

Leave the plastic layer over your Diamond Painting as long as possible. This layer protects your cloth against moisture and dust so that the stones stick well. Remove the piece of plastic from the part you want to work on. Always work from bottom to top.

Work with one color at a time. As a result, you don’t have to keep switching between the stones, you prevent mistakes and you keep an overview.

Place the stones in the tray with the flat side up. This will make it easier to pick up the stones and glue it faster.

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What now?

By reading this article you will be ready for the real thing! Would you like to view our offer? Then view our collections page . Would you rather choose your own personal painting? Then choose your own photo painting.  Or would you rather start right away? Then order the Diamong Painting World beginners package today . 


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