Condos For Sale In Toronto

Condos, also known as condominiums, are very different from an ordinary home. They’re classy, attractive, modern, and very much admired by people who have a taste for style and luxury. Condos are made in such a way that you can enjoy privacy as well as a good view. Of course, you’ll have to pay quite a bit in order to enjoy the night lights from above. Nonetheless, even small condos pack a reasonable amount of luxury, which can be admired by anyone. In the following post, you’ll come across some of the top-selling condos available in Toronto.

Top Condos Available For Sale In Toronto

When it comes to buying the perfect condo, people tend to look for something that is reasonably priced, looks modern, and lavish. People also tend to be wary of a good location, which is considered the main contributing factor for higher prices and demand. You can always consult the Toronto Condo Expert in case you can’t seem to make the right decision. However, after you’ve gone through some of the top condos options given below, you might not need a second opinion.

18 Yorkville

Located in downtown Toronto, 18 Yorkville is situated in the Yorkville neighborhood. This particular condo comes at a reasonable price point, making it easily affordable for the average buyer. The 18 Yorkville has quite a few options at various price points. This means that you won’t be limited to an expensive unit. Instead, you are getting something less expensive without having to compromise on quality and luxury.

Therefore, if you’re on a constricted budget, you can still enjoy plenty of benefits, even in single-room suites. Throughout the 36 stories of this condo, you’ll find high-quality flooring and a few other luxuries common in most rooms. The 18 Yorkville starts at $1179 per square feet. However, this rate can vary based on the kind of room you choose.

Karma condos

Karma condos, located on 15 Grenville Street, consists of 50 stories and about 495-floor units. You’ll be able to pinpoint this building around the Bay Street corridor, which is also located in downtown Toronto. The suites in this building have been designed by Cecconi Simone, who is considered one of the best interior designers in Toronto.

Everything in the Karma condos has been arranged and set in a very exquisite manner making the condos a place worth seeing. The average price for a condo here starts at $1209 per square feet. Slightly more than 18 Yorkville, but then again, more class means more money.

Theatre Park

Theatre park-224 King Street west consists of highly demanded condos situated around the King West neighborhood. This particular building is comprised of 234-floor units and 47 stories. The availability of rooms in this particular building comes in three categories. You’ll have the option to book either a single or double bedroom unit or even a triple-room penthouse unit.

The rooms in Theatre park condos are furnished with high-quality fittings. For instance, wooden flooring, fancy furniture, sofas, and a bunch of other amenities you check out on your next visit. The starting price of a condo here is $1223 per square feet. The price is reasonable, although the place can get booked pretty quickly as the demand for these condos is relatively high.

Thornwood II condos

The Thornwood II condos are located around the Rosedale neighborhood near 25 Scrivener square. You’ll be able to pinpoint the Thornwood II condos in the Midtown area in Toronto. This building isn’t that tall, which is why it’s comprised of 13 stories and 135-floor units. However, don’t let your eyes deceive you. As small as the infrastructure might look, it’s twice as luxurious from the inside. The condos at Thornwood II will ultimately make you feel like a king, as the furnishing is based on a classical look.

As compared to other luxury condos, the Thornwood II is not located around a crowded area. There are minimal traffic and noise pollution, making it a peaceful place to settle down in. Per square feet, an average condo at the Thornwood II will cost you around $1235.

All In All

To sum it up, there are several luxury condos available throughout Toronto. However, the four condos mentioned above have been given a considerably high rating as many people who have bought them were pretty satisfied with their stay.


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