Common Solar Panel Installation Mistakes You Should Avoid at All Costs

Solar panels aren’t just for environmentally-conscious consumers. Homeowners can save thousands of dollars in utility bills, even as much as $10,000!

Unfortunately, incorrect installation drains your solar savings. Worse yet, a DIY disaster could result in costly roofing repairs and replacements.


DIY horror stories are only one pitfall to avoid. Discover even more solar panel installation mistakes before it’s too late.

Too Much Shade

This first point is frequently overlooked by DIY builders and inexperienced contractors.

Solar panels need direct sunlight. Thus, any trees and foliage blocking the sun must be removed before installation.

A trained solar panel expert will point out areas that need pruning and removal. You could also hire a tree removal service to clear the area.

Installing panels away from the sun is another costly mistake. Naturally, many homeowners want to make their panels less conspicuous. Unfortunately, hiding panels block natural sunlight, driving costs.

Alternatively, you could install solar shingles. Though newer than traditional panels, solar shingle selections are growing, providing more design options for homeowners.

Underestimating Structural Needs for Solar Panel Installation

Is your house even ready for solar panels?

You already learned about the dangers of DIY solar panel installation. Installing panels on an old, crumbling roof only creates more work (and repair bills!)

Instead, assess your roof for any damages. Asphalt shingles only last up to 25 years or less. Replace any old material first.

Inspect your roofing for any water damage, pests, and mold too.

When replacing your roof, remember that solar panels need mounting equipment. A reliable solar panel installer will also suggest the right solar system for your home.

Residential panel systems include:

  • Grid Inter-Tied systems
  • Grid Inter-tied with backup power supply
  • Off-grid solar energy

If you’re building a rural home, strongly consider the benefits of off-grid solar panels.

Not Performing Enough Research

Solar panels are a major undertaking. DIY installations don’t consider all the details.

Instead, hire an experienced, licensed, and insured solar panel contractor. Some contractors even offer free consultations, discussing any additional construction needed.

Solar panel installation is quickly growing. You have options, so take your time to find the ideal contractor.

Providing full job quotes instead of hourly rates is one hallmark to know. In fact, hourly rates can lead to more expensive installations. Trusted contractors don’t surprise homeowners with hidden costs.

Gather a healthy amount of quotes to compare. While it’s tempting to go with the cheapest service, quality installation ensures higher savings.

Next, look for companies that are thought leaders in their field.

For example, the following site offers free ebooks about switching to solar:
The authors discuss everything from informed decision-making to potential cost benefits.

Enjoy the Power of the Sun

Don’t let tree overgrowth, structural needs, and lack of research derail your solar panel installation. Stick with a contractor who understands your energy and aesthetic needs.

Remember to collect multiple job quotes, and ask plenty of questions to hone in on the best local solar company.

Solar savings are just a few steps away. Prepare for your project with more helpful tips and tricks!

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