Choosing Window Coverings for Rental Property

A modest and aesthetic window covering can be one way to bring warmth and comfort to your home. With so many options available on the market today, finding the best covering to complement any space may prove to be a difficult task. Thankfully, most people who rent their home can rely on their landlord to provide a window covering for them. Although a landlord is not legally bound to give tenants window covering, the property owner should usually do this courtesy anyway. When a landlord provides window coverings, they are giving you and your family a feeling of security and privacy. Experts at Sacramento property management specialists Utopia recommend window coverings for all of their properties. Their reasoning is that it provides an attractive asset to those looking to rent, and will give peace of mind to you and your family in the belief that your landlord truly cares about providing you with a sound home.

The most common styles of window coverings are blinds, shades, and curtains. Each of these comes with its own pros and cons. Keep in mind that one of the main reasons someone would buy these styles of window covering is to allow light and privacy for any given room. Are you someone who wants a more open space with lots of light, or are you the person who enjoys the more secluded and cozy options? Your budget also has a major contributing factor in the type of window covering you and your landlord select. Will you be outfitting just one window, or will this be done for the entire home? It should be considered to spend more on certain windows and scaling back on others. Window coverings vary by size, so expect larger windows to be more expensive altogether. Something else that should be noted is safety. If your rental will have children living there, opt for the cordless styles, since your kid getting tangled up and hurt can be a very real concern. The last thing that should be thought about is what your decorating style is. Are you someone who is formal and proper, are you the casual type, or chic? Big colors can liven up any room, while subtle hues provide for a more decorative and neutral feel.  With all of these things considered, it is now time to actually select whether you want blinds, shades, or curtains. 


Blinds are the best choice if you want slats that are tiltable and can be adjusted to let the some come shining in. This style offers a clean-cut, symmetrically custom Wood blinds fit to any window. It offers plenty of privacy and comes in a variety of styles. 

  • Wood blinds come in polished or painted finishes, often ranging from white oak to Brazilian walnut and everything in between. These would be a perfect choice for offices or dens, but not so much for your kitchen or bedroom, where moisture provides a potential hazard to do damage. 
  • Insulating blinds will conserve energy and provide a filter for light, so these will be working hard to save you some money. The drawback of this is that it is difficult to find a supplier that provides this type of covering. It is also much more expensive upfront to own this style.
  • Plastic blinds are the most common type of blinds, which is due to how cheap and easy it is to replace. These come in a variety of sizes and colors but are nowhere near as durable and sturdy as ones with wood.
    Shades can allow just the right amount of light and heat from coming into your living space. For example, window treatments are necessary in Miami that receives a lot of sunlight and warmth during the day hours. While you do not want to cut off the brilliant sunlight completely, you also do not want so much heat inside the room. Using soft window treatment styles can then help you achieve a healthy balance.


Unlike its relative, blinds, shades are comprised of one single, a uniformed layer of any range of materials that can be extended down or up to cover any window. Shades are made so they easily stretch and roll out or fold up. 

  • Pleated shades offer the simplest approach to this variety. They are made of a thin material which can be folded effortlessly. When folding, remember to be careful because these can easily wrinkle and instantly become unattractive. 
  • Cellular shades have energy-conserving properties. They have two layers of material when combined together provide insulation from the outdoors and a buffer from the outside noise. The setback is that these are hard to come by and may only be sold in a few varieties.  
  • Roman shades are made in a way that a single piece of cloth is used to be lifted and lowered onto itself. These shades can be crafted from a variety of materials, including eco-friendly options. The main drawback is that even if this is completely rolled up, it still droops at the top of your window which can reduce how much light comes in and your visibility. 


  • There is an ever-expanding variety of curtains that exist in today’s market. This creates the possibility of selecting between thousands of color and material for your window covering. More dense curtains provide for greater light filtration, while lighter curtains bring in more natural light to any given room. Curtains can add so much life to any given room, but it is important to consider the negatives as well. This window covering can collect dust, pollen, and pet dander easily. Washing is a necessity. These can also create problems when mounted in a kitchen or bathroom. A curtain collects moisture and can be a breeding ground for mold and other icky things. 

With all this talk about windows coverings, we cannot forget to address the coverings available for French doors, sliders, patio doors, and the like.  Tal Hassid of ETO Doors, a premier door manufacturer, suggests elegant French Doors connecting a patio or balcony to the house to ensure functionality when adding curtains, so one side can be left closed most of the time. Whatever covering you choose, be sure to note that the door will still be used frequently, and should not disrupt you going in and out of your home. A covering for your door needs to accent the natural beauty of the door and should complement the other areas of the room. The way your door is crafted also needs to be accounted for because some styles just won’t match or enhance that part of your home. Regardless, the perfect window covering can be found. There are no limitations to the options of coverage available for your doors at home. 

With so many options on which window covering you and your landlord can choose from, the task of choosing one can be incredibly intimidating. Whether it be privacy, style, or the like, the choices you will have are astronomical. The first thing to keep in mind is that a window can be a center of attention in any room. Depending on the style you are looking for, it is important to keep in mind that the coverage needs to be both decorative and functional. It should also be considered that any window covering you choose from should be easily deodorized and cleaned. Most window coverings cannot be thrown into the wash, so it is important to keep in mind how you will maintain the quality of the covering. Thankfully in today’s world, there are hundreds of different ways to spice up any living space with the right window covering. 


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