Choosing the Perfect Facial Bed

Do you own a Spa business? If yes, then you should know just how important choosing the right facial bed.

In this article, we are going to outline a few factors that will help you decide which facial bed is best for your business.

Facial Bed Basics

Choosing the right facial bed for your business is not always as obvious as it may seem. The decision process can vary from business to business leaving any new players with little to go by when deciding who they should model their establishments after. The number of factors alone can overwhelm the business owner which should all be taken into account before deciding. The first question that you are going to be asking yourself is what the facial bed is going to be used for. This is a deceptively simple question as the answer might be right in the name. However, facials are not the only reason the facial beds can be used for. Most spa treatment facilities use facial beds for services more than just facials. For instance, they can be used for massages or aromatherapies. Some may even use facial beds as a place to relax while waiting for a therapist to be available.Bitcoin Code Review

Another question that can guide a buyer when buying a facial bed is knowing who is going to use it. This means that you should know who are the people that are going to be in your market. If you are targeting younger people or older people, or if you prefer to open a clinic for women, men or mixed genders, are all possibilities that you must have already decided upon before going to the facial bed shop. Other than the design that should fit the customer base you aim to target, the functionality of the facial bed itself can be said to be specific on the current customer that is using it. This is one of the more crucial reasons why you should know who is going to use the facial bed before you buy one.

Finally, despite the facial bed essentially being an instrument for function, it still has to match the aesthetics of the spa. Spas are places of relaxation and every detail, the wall colors, the lighting, and even the surrounding sound should all be geared towards that intention. And since, most of the time, the facial bed would be the biggest furniture in the room, there is really no reason for it to look out of place. You want the facial bed to look as good as it should feel to help the customers relax better.Bitcoin Code Review

Facial Bed Functions

A facial bed’s function is not merely a fixture to lay down on while a therapist performs a treatment on your face. A lot of facial beds are used in multiple ways. And some facial beds even have other functions that do not involve the actual customer laying on it. There are two components to a facial bed which are the facial bed itself and the chair for the therapist to sit on. In fact, these two should be treated as part of the same fixture. The chair should not be too tall or too short for the therapist to ensure maximum comfort for both the therapist and the customer. One way to ensure that the facial bed will match exactly will match exactly with the chair is to use an adjustable chair, an adjustable table, or both. This can cost you more money however so choosing either should be enough. Also keep in mind that should you have multiple uses for the facial beds, then it is more likely that the therapist might need more than one chair so it might be better to have the chair adjustable. Having an adjustable table usually caters to the comfort of the customer who may have difficulty in climbing up on facial beds that are usually tall.

Facial Bed Size

In whatever furniture you decide to buy for your establishment or, indeed, even your home, you should always consider the size of it. Facial beds are notoriously sizable compared to most equipment thus needing more caution before deciding on a particular model. First and foremost, and is perhaps the minimum requirement, is that the facial bed has to fit the treatment room. This seems like a very simple instruction but you will be surprised how many spa owners had to remodel their treatment rooms because of the difficulty in bringing in the facial bed that they bought. Facial beds can be deceptively large because of their bland looks. But, they are definitely huge and can cause you a lot of problems if you are not careful.

One more thing that you have to keep in mind is that the facial bed should not only fit the treatment room. What this means is that there should be a bit of mobility for the therapist in the room with the facial bed once it is already installed. This is often overlooked as a factor but is incredibly important. Part of the effectiveness of the therapists is reliance on being able to freely move about as they perform their craft. Knowing that they have to often extend and flex to ensure that they can do the postures that they need to do, being considerate about the facial bed’s size will actually directly impact the satisfaction of your customers through the effectiveness of your therapists.Bitcoin Code Review

Facial Bed Comfort

Last, but definitely not the least, a facial bed’s comfort is probably the most important factor that you have to consider. Like a normal bed, this will be directly influenced by the type of mattress that it uses. However, not all mattresses can work in facial beds so you have to be careful. Since the facial beds have to be firm, the most commonly used is the foam. Here, it will not usually matter how thick it is wherein, in fact, the thicker it is the less stable the customer will be on the platform.

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