Changes You Can Do in Your Bedroom for a Better Night’s Sleep

Everyone wants to have a good night’s rest. When we regularly receive seven to eight hours of quality sleep a night, our immune systems blossom. We are less likely to succumb to such medical conditions as type 2 diabetes. When we encounter stressful situations, we respond better too. 


The sad reality is that many people do not sleep well. Their minds go round and round and they toss and turn. In the morning they awaken with a groan, feeling hungover and stiff in their joints. Fortunately, there are things we can change in our bedrooms to make the sleeping experience better. Let’s go on a journey right now to discover some of these. 

Sky’s The Limit!

There are so many ways we can improve our bedrooms, the only restriction is our research. Fortunately, the internet is content rich in this area. According to the sleep specialists at, people are actively searching online for helpful tips and articles. They may range from sleeping with shoulder pain to the best heating temperatures for resting. People want advice on sleeping when you are pregnant or have a newborn baby. Others want mattress buyers’ guides or to learn about the effects of blue light on our sleep. 

Things Not to Do

The global pandemic has resulted in millions of people being forced to work from home. Not everyone has a spare room to use as an office, unfortunately. In these cases, some people have had to make the best of their bedrooms. The problem is it’s not good for us to work and sleep in the same place. If we are stressed and working in one room, we are likely to struggle to sleep in it a few hours later. 

Many people view it as a luxury to stick a large television set on the wall, in front of their bed. Others may sit up, using their laptops or tablets. Even more, some will be checking their phones right up to the moment they are due to go to sleep. The problem is the blue light these screens emit sends messages to our brains. What they do is suppress our sleep hormones. The best advice is not to look at any screen during the hour before bedtime. 

Get the Light Right

Bright lights are for offices. A bedroom should be a restful environment.  Consider using soft lighting. Why not invest in a bedside lamp or two? Installing a dimmer switch would mean the light can be adjusted according to need, during the day or the night. 

When it is light outside, this can be disruptive to our sleep. Block out curtains may be the solution, particularly during the summer when it gets light early. If such things as light blocking blinds are out of budget, buy an eye mask to keep light away. 


Make the Walls Restful 

Our brains will not be prepared for sleep if we have brightly colored wallpaper. Neutral colors are the best shades for bedrooms. Consider white or pastel. Don’t put lots of knick-knacks or photos on the walls either. When our brains are overstimulated it will be hard to switch off and sleep. 

Buy a Quality Mattress and Pillow

When we spend a third of our lives in bed, why would we cut corners when buying mattresses? If one is old and soft, it may be unsupportive. When this is the case, back problems often follow. Check the lifespan of the mattress. After seven years it may need replacing. Some have to be turned at regular intervals. When this is ignored, they can get out of shape. 

Memory foam mattresses are great because they mold themselves around the shape of our bodies. Having said that, they can get quite warm during the night. If you are thinking of getting a new mattress, make sure you read this review from SleepStandards. 

It’s a false economy to try saving money on pillows too. The ideal density of a pillow will depend on a person’s sleeping position. Medium pillows are good for back sleepers, or firm ones for side sleepers. If you snooze on your face, purchase a softer version. 

If you are thinking of getting a new mattress, make sure you read this review from SleepStandards.

Put a Book By the Bed

Some people nod off when they read at bedtime. It’s also worth having a pad on which to write action lists. It’s better to write down the things we need to do last than to try juggling them in our minds all night. 

In addition to all these suggestions, we could think about adding scented candles or oils to the room.  Some people use phone apps to play sea sounds or ambient music – or to listen to mindfulness scripts.

When everything is in place we can look forward to a good night’s rest, and the opportunity to become refreshed for the next day.

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