Car Maintenance Checklist: 8 Essential Tips For Used Car Care

Regular car maintenance is the key to keep the car running for an extended period. It keeps the high market value, provides a good driving experience, and ensures passengers and drivers’ safety. Usually, people find it really hard to maintain the car. That’s why we decided to help all of those car owners by providing a simple car maintenance checklist.

1# Inspect Car Tires

Car tires are the crucial elements on which the car performance relies. That’s why it’s the first element in our car check guide. It’s important to maintain the right pressure in car tires because it affects car mileage and reduces tires wear too. Keep the recommended pressure by checking PSI. Avoid using the tires for more than 10,000 miles. One good way to extend tires’ life is rotation.

2# Regular Checkups

Regular checkups include all the other car checkups, which can be done at home like MOT car checkYou can easily perform by using website or car inspection apps. This is a must of used cars. With that, other essential inspection includes car wheel bearings, accelerator, car suspension, etc. You can take your car to the expert or check them yourself at home by following the car manuals.

3# Change Engine Oil

Just like a healthy heart is important for a properly functioning body powerful and properly working engine is required to run the car for an extended period. It’s a heart, and oil change is essential for running the engine properly. It keeps the engine healthy. That’s why it’s essential to check your car’s oil every month and change it. Not to mention but the type of oil affects the car’s engine performance so, choose a good quality oil by spending a few extra bucks.

4# Check the Fluids

To keep the used car running properly, you need to maintain the appreciated level of some fluids in the car. As discussed earlier, the most important car fluid is engine oil. You must check it in routine. With that, power steering fluid, Brake Oil, Transmission Fluid, and last but very crucial one is Coolant should be checked. A minor leak in any of the mentioned fluids can cause a major accident. That’s why it’s very important to keep the check of it.

5# Car Lights

It may seem unnecessary, but it’s not. A not working bulb can cost you a huge fine because it’s considered a safety hazard. You must give your car lights a routine check. A simple way of doing is by turning on all the lights at night before parking the car. If you identify any problem, get it fixed the next day before using the car. Besides that, you should take good care of the light lenses. Usually, the lenses lose the shine if not clean for long, reducing the car’s looks and dims the lights.

6# Replace the Wipers 

Windshield wipers wear out very quickly if you live in a rainy area. That’s why they need to be replaced on time. Otherwise, it can cause permanent damages to the windscreen.

7# Break Check

Car brake pads are one of the things that are used the most, and it requires regular inspection because the passenger and driver’s safety is totally based on the brakes. Pay attention to any unusual noises the car is making during the drive, especially if it’s coming from the wheels. Make sure to get it repaired as soon as possible in case you identify any problem.

8# Air Filter Inspection 

Air filters are like the lungs. If they are not working properly, your car’s engine efficiency would be reduced. It’s not important to give it a regular check, but twice a year is needed to keep the car working perfectly. 

Final Words

Keeping your car in good shape is crucial to keep you and your family safe. That’s why if you identify any problem that you’re unsure of replacing. Contact the mechanic and get it resolved as soon as possible.

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