Budget-Friendly Tips: How to Clean a Glass Shower Door With Vinegar

Before there was a different type of cleaner for every surface in the home, households ran on vinegar to stay clean. Today, vinegar is still a great option to clean and disinfect your home on a budget.

Not only is vinegar a cost-effective option, but it is also eco-friendly and non-toxic, unlike some conventional cleaning products. It’s also more convenient because you can use it for every area of your home as a multi-purpose cleaner instead of keeping tons of different products under your sink.

One great place to use vinegar as a household cleaner is in the bathroom. Let’s go over how to clean a glass shower door with vinegar. 

How to Clean a Glass Shower Door With Vinegar

Glass shower doors can be frustrating to clean because of built-up grime and soap scum. But have no fear: using a vinegar mix can quickly get them sparkling again.  

First, grab a big jug of white vinegar from the grocery store, which only costs a couple of dollars if you don’t have it on hand already. When you’re ready to clean, wear clothes that you can get wet in. 

For most surfaces in your home, you would want to dilute the vinegar with water. However, to get your glass doors looking crystal clear, use the vinegar at full strength.  

Soak a sponge into a small bucket of vinegar and start wiping the glass shower doors from top to bottom. If the soap scum has been building up for a long time, it will take some hard work to remove it all.

If the vinegar isn’t getting it all off, add a couple of squeezes of Dawn dish soap to the bucket and mix it with the vinegar. You can also add the dish soap directly to the sponge to help scrub off the soap scum and mineral build-up. 

When you are finished, turn the shower on at the hottest setting and let it steam up the shower for a few minutes. This should help remove any remaining markings on the glass shower doors.

Next, if your shower has a removable shower head, use it to wipe off the rest of the vinegar and dish soap. If you can’t use your shower head, get a cup of water and pour it onto the door from the top, so it runs off into the shower drain.

Finally, wipe the glass shower doors dry with a cloth. Repeat the process on the other side of the door. You should now have beautiful sparkling shower doors!

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Keep Your Glass Shower Doors Clean

Now that you know how to clean a glass shower door with vinegar, keep it clean. Cleaning your doors regularly will spare you from using as much elbow grease each time.

After each shower, use a squeegee sponge to dry up the water droplets on the glass to prevent the build-up from lingering. 

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