Blocked Drains

Have you ever tried to clear a blocked drain with your home remedies? Most of us have, but do they work? 

A blocked drain can be frustrating to have to deal with. It isn’t very pleasant to move your furniture and bathroom flooring across the floor to reach the drain. 

In worse cases, clogged drains can lead to unpleasant odors in your home and even severe structural damage to your pipes.

Many home remedy options can be used for clearing a blocked drain, but If nothing works, you may need to call blocked drain plumbing experts to find a quick fix or even a full-blown plumbing repair. 


You may also want to use a drain lid to catch dirt before it causes damage to your pipes. A good habit is to let hot water run down the drain for the pipes’ sake to keep it free. It would help if you disposed of more rubbish than you stay clean and tidy yourself, and you may even have to clean it yourself. 

Clogged drains are a simple repair, but it is an excellent strategy to prepare for serious plumbing problems when they do occur. Your sanitation system does a lot of work any day, and if you get clogged, it can cause severe damage to your pipes. 

The blocage can sometimes be relieved by using boiling water to remove a clogged drain. Simply pouring hot water into the pipe will not work, but you will need to use boiled water to attack a clogged drain. 

Minimizing the dirt that enters the drain reduces the risk of clogging the outer pipes, which can cause problems with the water supply. 

Use drain cleaning methods to prevent the build-up of dirt that causes blockages in your drains, as well as the potential to clog your pipes. If you are dealing with a drain basin, remove drain traps or bent parts of the tube to check for dirt. 

You can also clean your drains faster by using a drain coil or other drain cleaning methods such as drain cleaner. 

Easy tips to try first

One way to clear a blocked drain pipe is by using a plunger. This works because a plunger forces the water into the drainpipe. Since a clogged drain pipe is full of water, this can usually dislodge the blockage and help move it along the tube. 

Be sure not to use too much force when trying to force the water out, as you don’t want to damage your drain pipe permanently.

Another way to clear a blocked drain pipe naturally is to use a low-pressure washer. You can buy a high-pressure washer at a plumbing supply store or rent one at your local office supply store.

 Use the lower pressure version since it won’t be as strong as the high-pressure version. These are often quite effective at dislodging blocks from a drain pipe.

Natural methods

Blocked drains can also be cleared naturally by using a specific type of liquid. For example, apple cider vinegar works excellent against clogged conduits. The acid in the vinegar works to break down the food materials built up in your drain pipe. 

After a while, the accumulated food materials will build up and form a substantial barrier in your drain pipe, preventing any water from flowing out.

However, an unvented drain can also be cleared naturally. If your sink is draining fine, but there’s a problem with the drainpipe behind the sink, you may need to vent the drain pipe. Typically, you’ll need to use a plumbing snake to do this. 

Unscrew the drain pipe from its fittings and thread the drain pipe through the opening you’ve cut in the wall or ceiling. Vented toilets have a plastic flap you can pull aside to allow you to insert the venting tube, which should be large enough to accommodate a large drain.

Another option for clearing a blocked drain pipe is to use diluted vinegar. Diluted vinegar is applied to the drain pipes like applying a paste of baking soda to a clogged drain. 

Be sure to dilute the vinegar with warm water first. After about ten minutes, you can unscrew the drain pipe and release the trapped food from the clog in the drain pipe.

As an alternative to vinegar, tea tree oil is also an excellent tool against a blocked drain. To use tea tree oil, pour a small amount onto a paper towel and gently work it into the waste pipe itself. Make sure to note where the clog is. 

Use another cloth to blot the area, so you don’t spread the oil. Be sure to wait at least fifteen minutes before cleaning out the drain.

These are just some of the options available for clearing up blocked drains. It is sufficient to obtain a resolution that works best for you. 

Remember, however, that natural solutions may take longer to work than chemical drain cleaners. 

Blocked pipes are not just inconvenient; they can be harmful if left un-cleaned. That’s why it’s best to call in a professional to clear up blocked drains the first time you notice them.

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