Best Letter V Necklace Styles Design In 2020

Letter necklaces are catching up as one of the most desirable jewelry designs in recent times. The top brands in the market are designing jewelry with initials and one of the most popular happens to be the Letter V necklace. This is primarily because V is often a symbol of victory and many jewelry enthusiasts and popular celebrities are seen to be sporting it on several occasions. No wonder teenagers and young adults are showing a huge interest in letter necklace jewelry pieces on fanci me

One of the most obvious reasons is the sense of individuality that comes along with wearing your initials. Everyone wants to sport their unique identity and what better way to do so than wear a letter necklace? In this detailed review, we will tell you all about:

  • What letter necklaces are
  • How to wear a letter necklace?
  • Are letter necklaces symbolic?
  • Why you should sport a letter V necklace
  • Our Top Pick

What Letter Necklaces Are

Also popularly known as an initial necklace, letter necklaces use the initial of a person’s name as one or multiple pendants. The most popular letter initials happen to be that of your spouse, your child, the initials of your family name, and your own name. 

Highly personalized in nature, letter necklaces can represent your love for a bereaved family member. On the other hand, it could also display your bond with a special loved one in the form of an infinity necklace that has his or her initials on it.

How to Wear a letter V necklace?

While a letter V necklace seems to be a simple piece of jewelry, wearing it in the right way is important to enhance its beauty. You can either choose to wear it as an individual piece or pair it with other pieces that compliment your look. Buying a V letter necklace in gold or silver lets you choose a number of ways to flaunt it.

You could also choose a layered look by wearing a bar pendant and a letter V pendant together in one necklace. Yet another style is to layer with different chain lengths. This gives all the different pieces enough visibility to stand out. 

Are Letter Necklaces Symbolic?

Letter necklaces may not be rooted in ancient history as symbols but they do symbolize a person’s uniqueness, his or her distinct sense of style, and a special date or a special moment to cherish. The initials represent important milestones of the wearer’s life and thus, carry a lot of significance.

Why you Should Sport a Letter V Necklace?

Considering the amount of popularity that letter necklaces are enjoying, there is no denying the fact that this style is here to stay. With celebrities like Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift, Carrie Underwood, Meghan Markle, and Jessica Parker sporting letter necklaces, it is surely a hot fashion trend of 2020.

Our Top Pick

We have reviewed quite a few letter necklaces and have finally found the one design on FANCI ME that we really adore. The design and the style are eternal and will surely charm its way through many generations to come.

V Solid 14K Rose Gold Initial Dainty Pendant Necklace



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