Best 10 Thermal Curtains

One thing we can all agree upon is home is the place where we all enjoy the most. Coming home from a busy day at work is excellent most of the time, but what happens when you live in a lively neighborhood, with dogs barking or near a construction site?

You got yourself in a pickle since we like a lot to relax and spend some quiet and peaceful time with our family. Is there anything that we can do for having a calm place, despite all the noise around?

What are the Thermal Curtains?

The thermal curtains (aka “the insulated curtains”) don’t just control the temperature inside your house, but they also keep the outside noise from getting inside your home.

Thanks to their build, the insulated curtains maintain heat inside your home, which means a lot for the energy bills in the long run. We all understand how high the power consumption by the HVAC units can go. Though the  EER ratings for air conditioners these days are lower than what it had been in the past, saving any units possible is worth the measure in the long run.

They create an air capsule between the window and the curtain, which makes the heat stay inside and not escape through the windows anymore.

Some thermal curtains also come with closure (Velcro strips) which allows you to seal them to the wall for increased efficiency.

Since the thermal curtains are made of thick and insulated fabric, they are practical and durable. They are lined with multiple layers, which makes them useful on so many levels.

What Can We Say About the Construction of Thermal Curtains?

For the majority of thermal curtains, the construction looks as it follows:

  • Vapor barrier- it’s a non-breathable fabric that doesn’t let the foam inside to collect moisture from condensation
  • Foam core- it’s made with high-density foam. It’s what blocks heat transfer and also absorbs the sound waves
  • Decorative layer- it’s the layer that you see

Why Would You Install Thermal Curtains?

Thermal curtains keep the warmth inside your home, but that’s one of the several benefits. You don’t need to use the heater so much, which makes the heating system last longer.

Here are the main benefits:

  • They reduce the electricity bill

Since your home is going to stay warmer without using the heating system that much, the energy costs are going to get lower. It’s one of the main reasons for which thermal curtains are an ideal option for the hotels.

  • They offer sound isolation

Good thermal curtains can also block sound from getting inside your home. You’re not going to have total silence, but it’s going to be an improvement.

  • They increase your comfort

Thermal curtains help you feel warm and more relaxed in your home. It’s quite apparent why they mean so much for your level of comfort.

What’s the best tip when buying?

You should start by measuring the windows and run the numbers so that you get the perfect size for the thermal curtains.

The choices are many, but you need to do due diligence about it. As with anything else in life, there’s good and bad on the market, so make sure you get all the info you need before placing your order!

TOP 10 Best Thermal curtains

For many, the price tag Deconovo Room Darkening Thermal Insulated Blackout Grommet Window Curtains is going to seal the deal instantly. However, the thermal curtains aren’t just affordable, but also pretty surprising with their build and performance.

The curtains come in three various size options. Each panel includes six silver grommets, which seem pretty durable. The curtains are made with thermal insulating materials so that the heat doesn’t escape the room, and the sunlight doesn’t get inside the room.

The material feels soft and silky, with an attractive touch feel. You may easily take care of the curtains, and you may machine wash them (below 86F). You need to use the gentle cycle, no bleach nor tumble dry. Even if the curtains don’t wrinkle, you can warm iron them.

Affordable and practical, the curtains are quite a pleasant surprise for the buck you’re paying.

Here’s what we like the most about the curtains:

  • They have silver grommets
  • They block light from entering and trap heat inside
  • They look nice and silky
  • They’re easy to take care of

For the price you pay, some issues are to be expected:

  • They’re not lined
  • The grommets aren’t spaced evenly, according to some

Easy to install, effective and affordable, the curtains are a sure buy and quite the bang for your buck.

Beautifully looking and hanging nicely, the PONY DANCE Bedroom Blackout Curtains are keeping light away from the inside of your home.

You get two blackout curtain panels with 3″ rod pocket top which fits most common rods. They have the same material on both sides, and there are beautiful colors to choose from.

The fabric is massive and has a soft touch feel, blocking 85-95% light. The darker the color for your drapes, the better the performance on light blocking. The curtains are multi-functional and manage to trap heat inside too, reducing your energy bill.

The colors are fantastic, and the curtains are well-made. You may machine or hand wash the curtains, but use non-chlorine bleach when in need. Tumble dry low and warm iron if you think it’s necessary.

We’ve come up with a list of pros:

  • The fabric is massive, and the curtains hang nicely
  • The curtains feel soft and come in beautiful colors
  • They block light and trap heat inside
  • They’re thick and well-made

The downsides aren’t significant:

  • Moving them around may be difficult for some
  • One may think that they’re shiny for their taste, but that’s a personal matter

Regardless of the minor problems, the curtains keep sunlight away and trap heat inside, without compromising on the appearance. You should definitely put them down on your shopping list!

Just because you go shopping on a tight budget doesn’t mean you have to give up on trying on thermal curtains. You should give it a try with the NICETOWN Thermal Insulated Grommet Blackout Curtains for Bedroom. It’s the perfect example of how thermal curtains work, without emptying your wallet.

The curtains keep 85-99% light and UV rays away from home. They also reduce noise, increasing the level of comfort in your home.

Thanks to triple weave technology on the fabric, the curtains can protect against the summer heat and the winter chill, balancing the room temperature. The build is good, and the curtains are thread trimmed and wrinkle.

As for maintenance, it’s great to know that you can machine wash the curtains in cold water, tumble dry. You can steam clean or iron them any now and then.

The colors are true to pictures, and the fabric feels soft, and the curtains are a good value for the money.

Let’s have a quick check of the pros:

  • They block sunlight and noise
  • They’re well-made and look nice
  • You can machine wash the curtains
  • The fabric feels soft and heavy

The minor problems aren’t many:

  • The insulating performance can be improved
  • The stitching isn’t perfect

You need to stay focused on the goods and to remember that you get reliable, nice-looking, and active thermal curtains for less than $20. What’s not to like about that?

Falling in the “affordable” category, the Miuco 2 Panels Room Darkening Thermal Insulated Grommet Window Blackout Curtains bring plenty of good things to the table.

You get two panels, each of them with eight metal grommets. The stitching looks good, and the curtains have a durable feel. They’re soft and have a luxurious vibe, with the various colors plenty enough to choose from.

The back of the curtain is the same material as the front, for a more elegant appearance. The curtains are heavy, hanging so nicely.

Thanks to the triple-weave construction, the curtains keep 98% of sunlight away from your home and protect 100% against UVs. They also block 60% of the outside noise.

You need to machine wash cold the curtains for expanding their durability, on the gentle cycle. Don’t bleach the curtains and only tumble dry low. The wrinkles may fade away in a couple of days from hanging, but you can also warm iron them for an instant wrinkle-free look.

We like a lot the following parts:

  • The material is soft and hangs nicely
  • The curtains have a luxurious appearance
  • They block the sunlight and keep outside noise from entering
  • The stitching looks good

The shortcomings don’t make it as deal breakers:

  • The curtains aren’t lined
  • The noise-blocking could be better

Even if the curtains aren’t the perfect thermal curtains out there, they still are excellent at blocking sunlight and creating a pleasant feel in your room.

The Utopia Bedding Blackout Room Darkening and Thermal Insulating Window Curtains are going to be the perfect choice for many since they’re made with 250GSM polyester fabric.

There are two panels, and each of them features eight rust-free metal grommets. The grommet top has a 1.6in diameter, which is one of the most standard curtain rods.

The curtains have the same material on front and back, which makes them look more elegant. Due to the build, the curtains can block 99%of light and almost 60% of the outside noise. They also trap the heat inside the room, and one may feel them get hot, but in the right way. The curtains keep the place cool in the summer and warm throughout the cold season.

To expand their durability, you should only machine wash cold the curtains, tumble dry on low.

Easy to install and to clean, the curtains aren’t shiny and hang attractively.

Here’s our take on the functional aspects:

  • They look and hang nicely
  • The grommets are rust-free
  • They block sunlight and outside noise
  • They’re easy to install and to take care of

Don’t let the shortcomings stand in your way when deciding:

  • Some think that they’re a tad short (double measure your windows and room)
  • They could be wider

Dependable, attractive looking, and capable, the curtains are one option that doesn’t break the bank and is worth to remember.

Many are going to love the silky soft feel of the RHF Wide Thermal Blackout Patio Door Curtain Panels, but the curtains present many other qualities.

They are thermal insulated curtains and have a good weight, hanging nicely. They maintain heat inside the room in the winter and cool the room in the summer. It’s an innovative fabric for the curtains, which also manages to block sunlight. The curtains are made with multi-layered micro-fiber that has a great feel against the skin.

The panels come with Antique bronze grommets that look elegant and classy. The curtains have the same color on both sides, for a more consistent appearance.

Taking care of the curtains isn’t complicated, and you need to machine wash and dry them from time to time.

Let’s  check the most important aspects:

  • They have a significant soft-touch feel
  • They block outside noise and sunlight
  • They trap heat inside and maintain the room cool in the summer
  • The grommets look so elegant

The shortcomings don’t concern us much:

  • They come with a specific smell out of the box
  • Some may want to wash the curtains at first for eliminating the odor and wrinkles

All things considered, the curtains are useful and look so very lovely and elegant, which is enough for most.

The popularity of the Best Home Fashion Thermal Insulated Blackout Curtains speaks volumes, which is why a detailed description may not even be needed.

However, the picky customer is still going to want to know the details, for understanding why the curtains have so many fans.

First thing first, the curtains are made with triple weave fabric, which is going to block UV rays and sunlight. They’re insulated, which means that they protect against heat and cold, according to your needs. The fabric was tested in the laboratory against the cold.

The curtains are reducing the outside noise and keep a pleasant temperature in a room, improving your comfort and sleep. They come with Antique bronze grommets that give any room an elegant and classy vibe.

There are no still liners for the curtains, which is why they are so soft but practical. You may machine wash warm with similar colors and use the non-chlorine bleach when in need. They come in many colors, so finding the ones you need is a breeze.

We think that the best parts deserve a second look:

  • They are insulated and effective
  • They come in beautiful colors
  • The grommets look elegant
  • They hang nicely, even though they’re soft

Don’t make a fuss out of the minor flaws:

  • They don’t come with ties
  • They wrinkle a bit

Also, if the curtains aren’t all roses and rainbows, they still tick most boxes within their category, which explains the high popularity.

The H.VERSAILTEX White Linen Curtains Ultra Thick Thermal Insulated Curtains stand out with both their appearance and overall value.

The curtains come with 16 antique copper grommets, which looks so elegant in any room. They’re made with luxurious faux linen fabric with natural blackout abilities. It’s a thick and durable fabric, with burlap effect for a more elegant and vintage feel in your room.

Each panel is extra wide so that it blocks the sunlight and outside noise efficiently. The curtains manage to balance the temperature in a room, as they’re thermal insulated. They make the room darker, quieter, and lower your energy bill in the long run. They block 85% of light and ensure fantastic privacy.

The colors are pretty, and there are many to choose from. You can machine wash the curtains with cold water on a delicate cycle, without bleach. Only tumble dry on low.

The curtains feel thick and have a silky soft touch feel as well.

We should focus on the best parts once more:

  • They present thermal insulation
  • They block sunlight and outside noise
  • The antique copper grommets look very elegant
  • The fabric is thick but has a silky soft feel and a nice weight

Don’t stress over some minor problems:

  • Some think that they’re shorter in the middle
  • The colors may differ in real life

For the efficiency, looks, and durability, the curtains are a wise buy on any given day.

If you go for the big pictures in your room, you should take a look at the LB 2 Panels Room Darkening Thermal Insulated Blackout Window Curtains.

The curtains are heavy and hang pleasantly, providing a soft touch feel. They’re made with 100%polyester shading cloth and come in any size and any pictures (they’re customizable). You also get the rings and the hooks for the curtains.

The beautiful window curtain is going to block 70-90% sunlight and UVs while reducing the outside noise inside the room. They protect your privacy and help you sleep better day and night. They’re also capable of balancing the room’s temperature, keeping it fresh in the summer and warm during the winter season.

You may machine wash cold the curtains, on a gentle cycle. The 100% polyester, tightly woven feels satiny, and no dye substances are endangering your health with the curtains.

The colors are vibrant, and the images are clear, with high resolution and 3D realistic feel to them. The curtains have a good weight and work while changing the feeling in a room completely.

We like a lot some of the aspects of the curtains:

  • The pictures have vibrant colors and look real
  • The curtains are blocking sunlight and outside noise
  • They balance the temperature in a room
  • They have a satiny feel and look nice

The downsides aren’t significant:

  • Some think that they could be thicker
  • One may expect better clarity for the pictures

The curtains work and give a room an incredible feel, according to their image. Are you ready to pay the extra buck?

The Dreaming Casa Blue Grey Velvet Window Curtains give a luxurious feel to any room since they’re made with thick and beautiful fabric.

The curtains are made with triple weave microfiber blackout fabric, preventing 100% UVs and blocking 90% light. They’re thermally insulated, trapping heat inside in the winter and cooling the room in the summer. They also block the outside noise and provide you the intimacy you want in your room.

The high-thread 100% polyester blend fabric has an elegant and beautiful look. The curtains can be customized for fitting your needs. It’s a poly velvet that has a soft flow and just the right weight.

The silver stainless steel rings to complete their looks, whereas the double-pleated design increases their efficiency.

The curtains look expensive and don’t wrinkle, hanging so nicely.

Let’s have a second look at the best parts:

  • The fabric is soft and hangs nicely
  • They have a double-pleated design\
  • The silver stainless steel rings give the curtains an elegant feel
  • The curtains are effective

The minor downsides aren’t a reason for one to back down:

  • They’re not cheap
  • Some didn’t get the accurate length

All in all, the curtains look fantastic and work as intended, even if you may feel like paying the extra buck for them.

FAQs about thermal curtains

Q: Are thermal curtains different from blackout curtains?

A: Blackout curtains are made with dense and tightly woven fabric, with felt, suede, and velvet as most popular options. They include a blackout liner and keep the light away from your home. Thermal curtains have a more complicated built, which is why they trap heat inside and prevent noise from entering.

Q: Are thermal curtains expensive?

A: Even if the thermal curtains may look expensive upfront, you need to see the whole picture. You will not use the heater that often, and the energy bill is going to decrease. Therefore, thermal curtains are a wise investment to make on the long run, even if you may feel like paying the extra buck upfront.

Q: Are all thermal curtains dependable?

A: Not all thermal curtains work, which is why you should be so careful when shopping. Some only have one layer, which renders them to be ineffective on all levels. Avoid the curtains with flimsy extra layer too.

Q: How do you recognize reliable thermal curtains?

A: Thermal curtains that have a sturdy foam core and seem durable, are worth the money nine times out of ten.

Q: What size should you buy?

A: Having the right measurements for the thermal curtains is one of the secrets for their efficiency. You need to add the extra length since the overlapping is only going to make them more efficient. Don’t get cheap with the size. The last thing you want is to install thermal curtains only to realize that they’re a bit shorter or narrower than they should. Even the tiniest space can lower their efficiency.


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