The Latest Trend In Artificial Grass

With the popularity rising to use fake grass as a surfacing solution for outdoor surfaces artificial grass sussex examines the latest trends in synthetic grass.

 The popularity of synthetic lawns has increased in the last couple of years. This can be partly attributed to the fact that more and more people are choosing to spend time outside, in their gardens. Here is the latest trend in artificial grass.

Increased Residential Installations

In the past, turf was mostly installed in sports fields. But with the drastic reduction of installation costs and increased disposable incomes, homeowners have embraced synthetic lawns. Therefore, the number of residential installations have increased in the last few years.

More Realistic

Turf has become more realistic. It is much more springy and is a more realistic imitation of the real thing. It is no longer flaky nor does it easily fade. This makes it more appealing to people who live in places where natural vegetation does not do well.

Add Color and Excitement

Some people are using turf as a statement patch in their gardens. Instead of having it laid out all over the garden, it is only laid out on a small portion of the garden, like a rug. For instance, it can be placed under patio furniture or on balconies.

Decorative Use

It can be used for decorative purposes mainly due to its bright color and the fact that it is easy to maintain. It is used in nurseries and shop windows.


The turf that is available now is not just green. It is multicolored to imitate the color of real vegetation and make it look as natural as possible. For instance, it has touches of brown.

Turf is also available in pink, grey, red, blue and other colors. These can be used creatively in many areas. For instance, around the pool area, in playgrounds and as part of your landscape.

Use in High Traffic Areas

If cost is an issue, consider limiting the space where installation is down. People are now looking into installing turf in high traffic areas only. Stones and rocks can be used to cover other areas of your garden.

Public Spaces

There has been rising use of turf in public spaces. This is mainly driven by scarcity of water and its easy maintenance. This includes in swimming pools, schools and playing parks. Due to the durability of the material it can support lots of people playing throughout the year. It can also be customized to fit the available space.

Wall Coverings

Turf can be used as wall coverings either indoors or outdoors as part of your deck or patio. Use it as backdrops to your photos. Or use it to cover your entire wall. Alternatively, it can be used to cover only part of the wall. It can cover either the top half or bottom half of the wall.

Most Dominant Turf Material

Polyethylene will be the most dominant type of turf in future due to its popularity. This is because of its softness, durability and versatility.

This is followed by prolyproplene. Due to the expensive nature of nylon, its use is restricted to commercial and residential areas.

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