Almond Tree: Perfect for your Home Garden

The home garden is now becoming intensely popular in the world. Gardening is an excellent way to meditate, and also you get highly nutritious fruits and vegetables!

If you’re looking to plant more trees, then an Almond tree should be on your list. They are native of south Asia but were brought to California in the ’80s, and since then, almond has been a popular and expensive nut. 

There are two types of almonds the bitter ones and sweet ones. However, we suggest you go for the sweet almonds as you will be able to consume them. Bitter almonds are suitable for industrial use.

Climate considerations

If the region and country you live have mild and humid winter combined with dry, sunny summers, then these plants are perfect to be grown in your garden. They will thrive in these climate conditions.

Growing the Almond tree

Planting the Seeds

The perfect time to plant your almond seeds would be the fall season. In this season, they grow rapidly and thrive, which means that by late winter and early summertime, they would have established their roots in your garden. While humid winter is good for almond trees, you have to protect them from the winter frost. Similarly, the dry summer is good, but heatwaves can be harmful to the almond tree.

Here are a Few Things You Should know Before Planting and Care for After Planting

  • The spot where you plant your Almond tree should be able to get the sunlight, but the tree should also be protected from the harsh winter frost. 
  • They can survive in any type of soil give that the soil can drain water and is not too mushy.
  • In case your soil is unable to drain the water, you can add catalysts like organic substances, which help promote the draining volume of soil.
  • The whole you make for planting the almond tree should be wide rather than being too deep. The roots should be well-soaked in water before you plant them. Try to make the trunk as straight as you can. That will prevent the deterioration of the almond tree trunk.
  • The use takes to keep the tree upright and add lots of water in the first few weeks.
  • The trees need cross-pollination to produce fruit; hence you need at least two trees, which should ideally be placed on a gap of 15 feet.

Watering the Almond Tree  

In the early days of planting the almond tree, you will need to water it to at least 3 inches every day. But as they grow, you can lessen the amount of water. The watering of the plant is also dependent on what is the season.

The almond tree can survive in extremely hot conditions. Hence they can survive without lots of water but will only produce ornaments in those conditions. However, if you want to enjoy the fruit of this tree, then you need to have a watering schedule – they need that consistently.

Water them graciously during the growing season. When the fruits have grown, and you are planning to harvest them, you should stop watering those days before.

Light and Temperature

Almond trees should be in a place where they can receive direct sunlight. If they receive sunlight partially, they won’t grow as tall as they would with direct sunlight.

While Almond trees enjoy long summers; however, they also need enough winter time because that is when their seeds breakout from their dormancy.

Maintaining The Almond Tree.

While you must help the tree to grow, but the curial part is pruning of the tree, which means cutting off the branches that have become weak. This way, you will also maintain the shape of the almond tree and encourage new growth for this purpose you can also hire Apopka tree care services.

Reaping The Almond Fruit

Once all the growth is done, all you need to do is shake them, and the almond fruit will fall to the ground. Then you would have to remove the hulk of the almond fruit before they can be consumed. They can also be stored in a dry area for several days.

Benefits for Almond

Here are a few other reasons to encourage you to grow almond trees.

1.     Encourage Digestion

Almonds have fibers that help promote digestion. They also produce a healthy bacterium that lives in the gastrointestinal tract and prevents constipation. 

2.     Moisturize The Skin

Almonds are the perfect solution to the dry, flaky skin. They give the body a supple amount of healthy fat, Vitamin A, and Vitamin E. These elements make the body shine and smooth. Almond oil is a popular essential oil used by beauty bloggers to make their skin look hydrated.

3.     Make Your Hair Shine.

They are the perfect solution to the brittle hair; they add texture to the hair. They also strengthen the hair follicle and make them look shiny.

4.     The Solution to all Cholesterol Problems

They are one of the best food elements which help lower the cholesterol level naturally. They’re recommended by doctors and readily available—what better reason to grow them in your garden.

5.     Best for People with Diabetes

Almond buts have low carbs and a high amount of magnesium. The magnesium helps in controlling the blood sugar. They also have the right amount of fatty acids, protein, and fibers

6.     Reduce Hunger

You can consume nuts instead of food. They will give you a healthy intake of calories and

Reduce your hunger pangs. They are an excellent option for people who have intense diet plans. Also, they improve digestion, which means that they would help remove food from the body.

7.     Antioxidants

Almonds give body healthy fatty acids and proteins. At the same time, they have an abundant amount of antioxidants that protect the cells from premature aging.

Although the process of growing an almond tree is a bit tedious but with such benefits from the almond fruit makes them worth the effort.   

If you don’t want to consume the almond tree fruit, you can sell them. They are highly-priced nut in the market

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