A Siding Installation – The things you can expect during the process

So, you have joined hands with a trustworthy siding service provider, and you have also analyzed the expense of the siding replacement! Now it is time that you get prepared for the siding installation. Similar to a home renovation, even the siding installation will depend on a home’s attributes. You must understand the siding replacement process as you work with an expert service provider. You can manage all the project expectations that will result in a seamless enhancement experience.

The siding installation timeline


Your home size, terrain, and house stories will impact the installation timeline! The siding contractor or service provider must address all these issues much before deciding on the final quote. Homeowners can expect the siding installation to get completed in 10 to 14 days. Also, when the siding needs painting, it will add a few more days to the siding duration. And this increased timeline comprises the elimination of the current siding, adding insulation, prep, and new siding insulation along with final touches. To know more about this, you can check out https://benchmarkroofing.com/commercial-services/

How can you prepare your house for the siding installation?

Similar to any renovation, you also need to prepare your house for the siding installation. The following guidelines are essential:

You need to tie back or trim the trees close to your house. Also, cut the grass short before the installation. It will help the contractors use the magnetic nail finder to recover any staples or nails which get scattered during the process.

While the siding installation and removal, the walls in your house might shake. Hence, you need to remove the valuables, pictures, shelves, and the like so that they don’t fall off.

You need to clear every item away from the home’s exterior, such as patio furniture, gardening device, and potted plant.

Keep your pets and children away from the workspace. 

It would be best if you parked the vehicles at a distance from your house to reduce the chances of damage caused by the loose debris.

There should be a dumpster for collecting the debris and old siding. It would be best if you kept the driveway clean for enabling the workers to have access to your house.

Before the installation, it is necessary to discuss the downspouts, caulking, and shutters with the contractor. You need to check if you can remove these fixtures ahead of the project or find whether the workers will be preparing the space close to the doors and windows.

The factors that impact siding installation

Asbestos, rot and water damage

As the contractor inspects your house’s exterior at the time of initial consultation, it can be challenging to recognize the issues before you remove the current siding. You might find it complex to identify asbestos in the siding. The moment the siding gets removed, the installers might also come across water damage or any space that requires urgent repair. There can be extra expenses for remedies and removal. 

Sheathing repair

The moment a project starts, the siding contractor can come across the sheathing beneath the current siding and find it damaged. And sheathing is reasonably priced and need added time for replacement that will impact the budget. 

These are a few factors that you need to get concerned about and might expect during the siding installation. 

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