A Quick Fact Check on Samsung The Frame TV (2020)

A very peculiar amongst all the other TVs now invented would be the Samsung the Frame TV: a new Samsung TV model intended to be a smart TV and a stylish decoration in one. With seamless cabling solutions, wall installation, and bezel configurations that resemble a real picture frame, including designated settings for projecting popular artworks or ambient imagery, the Frame’s design-first style has already garnered plenty of interest.

The new Samsung The Frame TV 2020 is a much better option after two years and two model revisions later – even though there is some minor brightness off the-color picture issues. It now includes a QLED board as well as a selection of different sizing alternatives.

With a selection of TV sizes, differently colored bezels that you can modify, and a multitude of usable works of art, screensavers, and wallpapers to display, the Frame can really appeal to a number of homes with such a substantial variability in its design, feature, and placement (it can be mounted on the wall or placed on a counter).

The Basics of Samsung the Frame TV

Cost and Availability

Samsung The Frame TV is available in the US, UK, and Australia, with some minimal differences in dimensions among these countries. The 32-inch model is currently only offered for $599 in the US, but it is expected to be launched elsewhere in mid-2020. Nevertheless, the 43″, 50″, 55″, 65″, and 75″ sizes are available in all the three countries.

Depending primarily on the TV size at which you purchase, customize frames range from $99 or £169 or AU$99.


The most prominent characteristic of Samsung The Frame TV is, of course, its design.

The Frame is a TV that shows-off its appearance first. The assumption is that, even if you frequently watch TV, there are doubtlessly times of the day when you are stuck with a large black rectangle overshadowing your living room. That is why the Frame has several design elements created to make it match with the home furnishings.

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The main structure of Samsung the Frame TV is polished black steel: sleek close up, and not really that attention-grabbing if you see it several meters away. Moreover, for just a slight addition to the TV price, for one than can show a full-on picture frame appearance, you can purchase a range of bezels that connect magnetically: colors provided are white, black, brown, beige, clay beige, and burgundy red.

Samsung the Frame TV is not super slim – it has a thick, top-notch-material bezel. However, it has a rather flattering appearance and without jutting rear or protruding parts. There is an allocated space at the back of the TV if you will prefer to attach a flush wall-mount.

The Frame TV 2020 is also one of the few new Samsung TVs featuring the OneConnect box: a svelte cabling system that automates power, USB ports, HDMI, and the like to a different piece of equipment to avoid the sleek and elegant look of your television by being ruined with dozens of wires. This is a fantastic addition, particularly with this model, where the aesthetic is significant.

The back of the box has optical, CI, ethernet, Air/Cable, satellite, ExLink, four HDMI ports, and two USB ports. It is really incredible that you will only need one, an almost invisible wire that will carry and process all the data over to the TV’s display.  

Tizen Smart TV

One of the best in the industry is Samsung’s Tizen smart TV system.

Tizen uses a basic row of applications and services, which streams whatever application or content you are currently watching on the television and with a second row of content that appears above the app you have chosen displaying the programs available inside of it.

The selection of app is also customizable – this means you can pin, remove, and modify whatever is on display.

With both Samsung’s Bixby and Amazon Alexa assistants available, you get two alternatives for voice assistant support, too.

Ambient Mode or Art Mode

One of the most notable features of The Frame is Art Mode: a mode that, rather than just a black TV screen, it would show artworks, portraits, scenery, or even your own photos.

Samsung has collaborated with a variety of famous museums and art galleries, including that of the London V&A and Saatchi Galleries, the Amsterdam Van Gogh Gallery, and several others from all over the world. You basically only get 20 out of hundreds of artworks for free, and you will have to pay for a monthly subscription to get a wide selection of artwork and such. Nevertheless, there are still a lot more of other background options that you can use without paying and subscribing to artworks.

The Art Mode of the new Samsung the Frame TV is adequately distinct and fully customized to make this model a whole different from other Samsung 2020 TV models.

Quality of Pictures

Samsung The Frame (2020) can be as beautiful as a picture; however, the precise picture quality may not always be up to par.

It has, however, a very noteworthy improvement from its previous models. It is now equipped with the new Quantum Processor (4k), and this guarantees that the Frame’s upgrade is excellently showcased in full view. It now boasts a detailed and crisp picture quality on every screen size of the new Samsung the Frame TV.

Motion is also incredibly smooth. A Picture Clarity mode is automatically used by the Frame TV to facilitate with this.

Audio Quality 

Samsung the Frame TV is more for viewing than for listening, but for general use, the audio still works perfectly. Dialogue at an overall balanced audio is also remarkably clear. There is, however, a small issue with a bit of distortion of the audio when it is put in a higher volume. This minor issue is not a paramount concern, but it is enough to imply that if you use Samsung the Frame TV for blaring sounds or significant-impact entertainment performances, you would want to have a separate soundbar.